Leyes De Cabotaje

61D-3.001 Hearings Before Stewards/Judges.
(1) Jai Alai game infractions shall be decided by the court judges. Any alleged violation of Chapter 550, F.S., at a jai alai fronton will be governedby Sections 120.569 and 120.57, F.S.
(2) Alleged violations of Chapter 550, F.S., or Chapter 61D, F.A.C., in horseracing shall be heard by a board of stewards. Each horseracing permitholder shallestablish a board of three stewards, at least one of whom shall be the state/division steward selected and hired by the division.
(3) Alleged violations of Chapter 550, F.S., or Chapter 61D,F.A.C., in greyhound racing shall be heard by the division judge.
(4) All hearings on alleged violations set forth in Section 120.80(4)(a), F.S., which are to be heard by the stewards or division judgemust be conducted pursuant to the following procedures set forth in subsections (6)-(20) below when the purpose of the hearing is to impose a fine or suspend a license. For purposes of review of adecision of the division judge or stewards, the division is hereby designated a proper party.
(5) All proceedings involving violations other than those described in Section 120.80(4)(a), F.S., whichare to be heard by the stewards or division judge shall be conducted in accordance with the applicable provisions of Chapter 120, F.S.
(6) Initiation of Proceedings.
(a) Proceedings beforestewards and the division judge shall be made by written document entitled “Notice of Violation and Hearing.”
(b) Each Notice of Violation and Hearing shall contain the name and address of therespondent, a statement of the statute(s) and/or rule(s) alleged to have been violated and a brief statement of the underlying facts and the date, time and place of the hearing on the charges.
(7) Priorto a hearing for an alleged medication or drug violation, where redistribution of the purse may be involved, the stewards or division judge shall give at least five business days notice to each...
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