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Unit 4
Daily Life/Vida diaria



Daily Life/Vida diaria
El propósito de esta unidad es capacitar a los estudiantes a describir acciones que pasan diaria o periódicamente en sus vidas o en la vida de otras personas y animales en los que estén interesados.

Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5 Lesson 6 Lesson 7 Lesson 8 Lesson 9Lesson 10 Lesson 11 Lesson 12 Lesson 13 Lesson 14 Lesson 15 Lesson 16 Lesson 17 Lesson 18 Lesson 19 Lesson 20 Lesson 21 Long distance call It’s quarter past eight What time is it? What time does the next bus leave? I start at 8 o’clock in the morning I wake up at 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays Mini Check Jessica gets up at 6 o’clock Jessica loves basketball He studies in Queens University Does he wake upat half past five? Romina doesn’t have a sister I visit the dentist twice a year Mini Check How often do you have English class? Today is my birthday Does she usually have breakfast at 8 o’clock? Are you healthy? Sending an e-mail Crocodiles are endangered species Elephants live in Africa


Lesson 22 Do Bengal tigers live in the forest? Lesson 23 Where do grey whales travel in thewinter? Lesson 24 Mini Check Lesson 25 Project: Come and visit our school zoo. Part one Lesson 26 Project: Come and visit our school zoo. Part two Lesson 27 Project: Come and visit our school zoo. Part three Lesson 28 Project: Come and visit our school zoo. Part four Lesson 29 Review. Part one Lesson 30 Review. Part two 30 sessions, 10 weeks/ 30 sesiones, 10 semanas


Lesson 1
Long distancecall

Read 1. Answer the question about the dialogue. Responde la pregunta sobre el diálogo. What kind of text is it? a) a letter b) an article c) dialogue

2. Look at the pictures and read the dialogue. Observa las imágenes y lee el diálogo. Ring, Ring, Ring Jessica: Hello. This is Jessica Flores speaking from Mexico. Nikki: Hello. This is Nikki. Jessica: Nikki, How are you? I’m almost going tobed here it’s ten o’clock p.m. Nikki: I’m fine. I’m getting ready to go to school here in England it’s eight o’clock in the morning. Jessica: It’s great to hear you! At what time do you enter to school? Nikki: At eight fifteen a.m. I’m late call you back later. Jessica: O.K. Have a nice day! Goodbye. Nikki: Bye.


3. Circle T if the sentence is True or F if it is False. Encierra en uncírculo la letra T si el enunciado es verdadero o la F si es falso. Nikki is in Mexico. Jessica is in Mexico. Jessica is going to bed. Nikki is going to school. Nikki enters to school at ten fifteen. T T T T T F F F F F

Think 4. Go back to the dialogue. Answer the question and complete the chart. Regresa al diálogo. Responde la pregunta y completa la tabla. We use _________ to tell the time. a)it’s b) its Time ten o’clock Time 10:00 8:15 Traduction

Write 5. Match the columns. Relaciona las columnas. ten fifteen five o’clock three twenty seven forty two eleven thirteen two o’clock five twenty nine fifty four 3:20 11:13 2:00 9:54 5:00 5:20 10:15 7:42


6. Answer the questions and draw the hands of the watches. Responde las preguntas y dibuja las manecillas de los relojes.Example: What time is in France? It’s ten sixteen.

What time is it now? It’s ____________________________.

What time is your English class? _______________________________.

What time is it in New York? _______________________________.

Lesson 2
It’s quarter past eight

Read 1. Answer the question. Responde la pregunta. Where is Jessica? a) at home b) at school


2. Read thedialogue. Lee el diálogo. Mom: Jessica, it’s getting late! Jessica: What time is it? Mom: It’s a quarter to seven. Jessica: I’m almost done! Mom: You are going to miss the bus! Jessica: Mom, I’m in trouble! The bus had left me it’s quarter past seven Mom: You are right! You are in trouble young girl!

3. Circle T if the sentence is True or F if it is False. Encierra en un círculo la letra T si...
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