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Essay: “Green hidrualic”.
My essay is about how we can use the actual technology that Mexico has to improvethe energy(water and electricity), life and reduce the water pollution in the ocean or Quintana Roo, and create a sustainable state that use his water power.
We can use othercountries as an example to know the way they use their technology to help their citizens.
Quintana Roo has a lot of groundwater and kilometers of beach all that water could beused to create energy, for instance;
England created the first hydroelectric station in 1880 and has produced electricity since then nowadays there exist electric centralsto store and pump water and electricity production for them.
They created an electric-central that works with the energy of the tide.
This can be an excellent exampleof how we can use water to create a system for energy an transport water.
Mexico has elemental technology to clean the water and reuse it, and to generate ways to createsustainable electricity in houses, to reduce cost.
In my opinion Mexico could be a creator of its energy, by investing in technology and caring about the environment wecan create a sustainable country that satisfies their necessities and saves water and the plants for the pollution that the all technology creates.
England is as mentioneda good example of green hydraulic systems, because they take care of their rivers and water.
We must adopt the same culture and invest on technology to improve life.
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