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Pamela Villegas
Miss Angeles
October 2O, 2O1O

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a story about a farm named Manor Farm, which is kept poorly by its owner, Mr. Jones. Theanimals start a rebellion, kicking Mr. Jones out of the farm and taking over it. The pigs (Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer) take control and make every animal work for them tricking them. Napoleon and hisdogs kick out Snowball, and Napoleon becomes the leader. At the end of the book, the animals realize that the pigs are tricking them, and the pigs become like humans in every aspect, except for thename of the farm. In the story, the character of Napoleon shows that power corrupts those who possess it.
Napoleon was the leader of the farm, but he was a very tough and rude leader. That is exactlywhat explains the theme in the book. When a person has full power over a community or nation, he or she might not realize it, but that power is making him or her a bad person when using that power overpeople. Napoleon terrorized the animals by killing some of them; wanting them to know that they will suffer it they do something bad. The power might make some people lose their minds and do thingsthey wouldn't do without the power, such as killing like Napoleon did. Another example from the story is that the animals received a very small amount of food except for Napoleon, the other pigs, andthe dogs. While the other animals worked, the pigs and the dogs were resting, drinking, or supervising the working animals. Napoleon also made decisions for the animals, such as deciding the food theywould take or stating that Beasts of England would be no longer sung in the farm because the Rebellion was over. Now he was the maximum authority and nobody could change that. Squealer was alsocorrupted by his power. He may not have noticed it, but he was also turning into a bad person. He used his way of persuading people to say things that weren't true. For example, he told the animals that...
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