Life in egypt

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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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Life in Ancient Egypt
Virtual Visit to the Carnegie Museum of National History
Archaeologists have discovered artistic images, written inscriptions, and other artifacts alongside mummies inEgyptian burial tombs. By studying mummification and other burial customs, we can gain an understanding of what ancient Egyptians believed about death and the afterlife.
Destination title: Life in AncientEgypt
Start at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History Website.
1. Search for: Life in Ancient Egypt
2. Scroll down and click on title number 5 (you’ll be transferred to theofficial page “Life in Ancient Egypt”
3. On the links from the left start on the title Life in Ancient Egypt
4. Scroll down and click on each subhead
5. Read the articles, taking notes asyou go. Also click on linked terms in the article and read the related articles.
6. Answer the questions that follow:
a. Where was the Egyptian civilization located? (mention someboundaries)
b. What makes the Nile River’s flow peculiar?
c. How was Ancient Egypt divided?
d. What is the use of the river’s delta?
Natural World
a. Mention 4 reasons to explain whythe Nile River is considered the most important geographic feature in Egypt.
b. How did the river provide help for agriculture?
c. How did the consequences of the annual flooding helpEgyptians?
d. What is a Nilometer?
Daily Life
a. What are the sources archaeologists use nowadays to learn about life in Ancient Egypt?
b. What was the social unit of Ancient Egypt?
c. Whywere scribes so important in the Egyptian society?
d. What was Egyptian´s staple food?
e. What did Egyptian’s use clay for?

Gods and Religion
a. How did Egyptians describe the world andthe forces of nature?
b. Who was the God of the Dead for the Egyptians?
Funerary Customs
a. What was the purpose of mummification? Why did people want their bodies preserved after death?...
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