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Linguistics is defined as the scientific study of language and it involves the investigation of the nature, structure, constituent units and modification of any such system of communication. Thestudy of linguistics also implies to know how language works as collective, individual and as a whole system of communication. Therefore Linguistics is the study of the communication (mostly amonghumans), the structures, the formation, etc. But for a real understanding of what Linguistics concerned it’s necessary to consider the differences between the language itself (the set of rules, structures,conventions that form Language) and the use of the Language in a communicative environment.
In 1915 was published the Masterpiece of one of the most important linguists of all time, “Course in GeneralLinguistics” by Ferdinand de Saussure, published two years after his death. In his Course, de Saussure denoted two terms to consider in the Linguistics Study, by using the French words Langue(Language or Tongue) and Parole (Speech). Langue refers to the abstract system involved in the act of communication, the principles of Language; a set of rules, known by the speaker and hearer but notnecessary studied by them. Parole, on the other hand, denotes the use of those principles into a communicative environment.
Langue is “the Work of a collective Intelligence”; it refers to the invisiblehuman effort to determine a correct form of language; the idea of de Saussure with this term is to give Linguistics a general perspective, by studying the Rules, the System, and the Structures it ispossible to determine a set of conventions or principles of language without which no meaningful utterance would be possible. De Saussure considered this must be the basic study of Linguistics, soLinguistics can be attached to any Language, not only Spanish or English, but Language as a Collective and individual System of Communication, a System of Communication as a whole, unique, general,...
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