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She was a nurse. There was a war: The Crimean War from (1853-1856). She established there a hospital. She realized the important of hygiene, ventilation, sewers, food. She went to the school for nursery. Lord Baden Powell the founder of


Poetry and prose were the most important genres.
The most elevated genre was poetry.Romantic were so powerful. It was difficult not to be affected for them. Most of Victorian novelists have read the Romantic.
There was a tendency to control the Romantic excess.
Use of retrospective forms.
Great sympathy for the Medieval forms ( Old forms, arcaic language). Victorian influences:

Use of pronouns ( Old forms of personal pronouns).
Thou/ Thee = you; cometh (old form of the verb)The cities became to awful.
They returned to old forms to try to do more beautiful the life in the cities.
1. The use of retrospective forms.
Influences 2. Modulation of genre.

2) Modulation of genres The mix of different literary forms…

Epigrams elegy, lyricism

-The introduction of colloquial languages into poetry it was an innovation.
-Robert Browning is the second most important poet.

- Three main factors which made the novel flourished in the Victorian time:
1. New method of communication
2. Widening of the fields of interest.
3. Presence of novelists as important social figures.
- People did not buy the novel in one book becauseit was expensive.
- Publication by instalments and seralization.
- Novels normally were published in fascicles. They were monthly fascicles. This was cheap because one fascicle only cost one shitly.
- One fascicle has three chapters. One novels normally had 20 fascicles. There were circulating libraries in which you could borrow books for a very short prize.
- People had thehabit of reading books.
- Novels were also serialized.
- Charles Dickens for instance published his novels in 2 magazines.
- Those kind of publication increased the n umbers of readers.
- There are a relationship between the writer and the reader.
- Writer has to make a great afford because the novels were published at the same time that the publication.
- He couldcheck the reaction of the publish and he could change the topic of the novel.
- In many cases the writer change the story line in order to the reaction of the readers.
- They became excellence manager of the fiction. They learned how to maintain the attention and interest of the readers.

VANITY FAIR- W.M Rackery- It was also serialized.

2. One of themost important that appeared in this novels is the “governess”.

3. Novelists became celebrities.

One of the most important form of the novel was the CONDITION OF ENGLAND NOVEL. There were many kind of novels. “ La novela del estado de la nación”

- The situation of poverty in England in the mid-19th century. There was a rapid industrialization in England. They lived in slums.- The condition of England novel is the fictional response to that problem.

What this response consist on?- They wanted to b e “eyes-opener” the idea was that people reading this novels can open their eyes and watch the problems.

- It was an appeal to the society, because of the novel they could discover the problems of the poor.
- “ Oliver Twist”. Charles Dickens.
- Itwas of this novel. It had the purpose of educated the people.
- “The condition of England novel as a service to society”.
- They give us the idea of a social explorers.
- Journalists went into the slums and they came back and wrote books.
- We have to important social explorers:
• Henry James- London Labour and the London poor (1861).
• James Greenwood- The...
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