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E. M. Forster Where Angels Fear to Tread

1. What do Lilia’s relatives think of her?

They think she is imbecile and bedridden. They say that “she has the knack of
being absurd in public,” sheis quite eager (anxious) and ignorant.

2. What is Philip’s profession?

He’s a lawyer and the messenger of the family.

3. Can you find any changes in Irma from the beginning of chapter I toits end? Justify your answer.

At the beginning she had stopped studying at school, but later, when she is in Italy she improves because she starts in a new school, where she is learning to writecorrectly and formal manners.

4. Could you guess/infer Mrs Herriton’s family social class? Justify your answer.

They are a family from the upper class because the text is always referring to goodmanners and good education. They meet with rich people and the travel to Italy because they don’t want Lilia to marry with a poor Italian (Gino) because it can’t be compared with her dead husband.5. Who is Baedeker? Why mentioning him so much? Why is he considered such an authority?

Baedeker is a Germany-based publisher and pioneer in the business of worldwide travel guides. It’smentioned so much because he gives a lot of information about Italy, its places, hotels, etc. He is considered such an authority because it contains so much about this country.

6. Which are Philip’s realfeelings towards Italy?

He likes Italy, but he expresses his discontent with his mother against this country. He doesn’t like doing whatever his mother wants every moment, and although he likesItaly, he doesn’t enjoy the trip because of his annoyance.

7. What is Philip’s opinion of Miss Abbott?

He had never had much opinion about her, but he knew she was good, quiet, dull, and amiable,and young only because she was twenty-three: there was nothing in her appearance or manner to suggest the fire of youth. Finally he falls in love with her but she loves Gino, so they can’t be...
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