Little rock

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Little Rock Nine My report is on Little Rock Nine I am going to talk about how it started to how it ended. There was many people involved in this segregation. The people who were part of the segregation were Ernest Green, Elizabeth Eckford, Jefferson Thomas, Dr.Terrence Roberts, Carlotta Walls Lanier, Minnijean Brown Trickey, Gloria Ray Karlmark, Thelma Mothershed-Wair, and Melba Pattillo Beals.My first topic that I’m going to discuss is about the students in the desegregation of Central High School and how it effected the students with colored skin. Everything started on September 3,1957 in Arkansas. The National Guard did not let nine African American students integrate in the high school. This effected the nine African American students because they needededucation cause they wanted a better life and with no education they wouldn’t get a job. After several failed attempts to negotiate with Faubus , President Dwight D.Eisenhower took action against the defiant governor by Simultanewsly federalizing the Arkansas National Guard. They also wanted to take the united states army to over see the integration. On September 25,1957 the students that attended thelittle rock nine high school academically renowned school with an enrollment of approximately two thousand white students. The second topic am going to discuss is about the persons that I mention on the first topic. Ernest Green became the first black student to graduate from central high school in 1958. Elizabeth Eckford made her career in the U.S army that included workas a journalist. Jefferson Thomas graduated from central high school in 1960 and became little rocks public high schools were ordered closed by legislature to prevent desegregation. Dr. Terrence Roberts also graduated from central in 1960 and later on earned a doctorate degree and teaches at the university of California he is also a clinical psychologist. Carlotta Walls Lanier was one of the onlythree who eventually graduated from central and becamea real estate. Minnijean Brown Tricky became a writer and social worker. Gloria Ray Karlmark she received a post –graduate degree in Stockholm, Sweden and became a prolific computer science writer. Thelma Mothershed- Wair graduated and became a career of teaching. Mebla Pattillo Beals became a author and former journalist for people magazineand NBC. All these people were heroes of the little rock nine. The third topic that am going to talk about is the central high newspaper as it reports the desegregation process to the 2,000 students isolated from the outside turmoil. On September 19,1957 there were 2,000 students inside the school they were not unaware of what was happening I there school. There schoolboard of education wanted to see how students body reacted to the process of the desegregation. On October 1957 central high was the major topic on the front pages of all the newspaper. It effected the stdents because the whites then didn’t want any blacks in there school and the blacks started to protest no one listen to them. According to the board of education the whites had more rights then theblacks. So then the blacks did not get any education so then they didn’t have any other choice but to start working. On January 1956, twenty-seven negroes attempted to register in little rock schools but they were refused. A suit was then filed by the national association for the advancement of colored people. On February 8,1956 they had charged thirty three negroes had been denied admittance tofour little rock schools solely because of there race. Federal judge E. Miller dismissed the NAACP suite he declared that the little rock school board had acted in utmost good faith in the united states circuit court. The fourth topic am going to talk about is who were the people who were involved in the little rock nine. It was a group of African-American students who enrolled in...
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