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Project English

Iván Abundis M. Paola Figueroa Liliana Javier R. Diana Carmen S. Jorge Alberto S. Elizabeth Tellez C. __________________

N.L:1 N.L:4 N.L:13 N.L:24 N.L:25 N.L:30 _______ Thematic: Game Aim: Identify and know which structures, tenses, auxiliaries and verbs. The game will consist of: * A roulette with numbers from 1 to 3 * 10 Songs * 10 cards with the lyrics of songs * Aclock * Sweet as prize * Headphones and a dance song Structure of the Game. The numbers of roulette have the following level: * Number 1: Difficult * Number 2: Mixed * Number 3: Easy For the threelevels there will be three tabs to level 1. Two tabs for Level 2 and 1 tokens for level 3. Be written on each tab title and lyrics of the song. Songs Level Easy.
Title 1: As I was Going to the Fair As Iwas going to the fair, I met a man with yellow hair. The man was selling banana bread, “Try a little piece!” he said. “Banana bread is good for you!” And now my hair is yellow too. Title 2: I have togo Away He said that he loved her, She said that she felt the same way, They both said that they were happy, But then one day, then one day, He said, “I have to go away, I really want to stay, I don´tknow what to say. We only have one winter together.” Title 3: Living Underground I used to live in the city I was walking to school one day, I fell down a hole in the side walk And I decided to stay.Project English

I don´t want living in the city There are too many people around. I enjoy being by myself I want to live underground. My best friend came to find me. He suggested going to thepark, But I refused to leave my hole. I wanted to stay in the dark. I don´t want to live in the city…. Level Mixed Title 1: I Could Fall in Love I could lose my heart tonight If you don't turn and walkaway 'Cause the way I feel I might Lose control and let you stay 'Cause I could take in my arms And never let go I could fall in love with you I can only wonder how Touching you would make me feel...
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