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  • Publicado : 28 de septiembre de 2010
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Keith Bates / K-Type Freebie 2002, 2006 (version 3.01) -

This font is free for personal use (see below).

A display font inspired byDesigner Shock, Designers Republic and that cool 90s designer thing.


FREEBIES (Unlicensed)
K-Type Freebies are free for personal use and do not require a licence.However, Freebies used for Commercial and Entrepreneurial purposes need to be licensed at the same rates as Pay Fonts. Freebie Commercial Licences, Enterprise Licences and Custom Fonts are available

Purchasing a K-Type font grants you non-exclusive rights to use the font commercially on paper, on film, online and embedded in documents.
Thesoftware may be stored on up to five workstations and output devices.
You cannot legally give the font to others or install it on their machines (with the exception of co-workers and your servicebureau).
To place any K-Type font within other media will require an additional Enterprise Licence.

For Entrepreneurial use on an unlimited number ofworkstations and output devices, and where a font file is incorporated into a software product, each K-Type font will require an Enterprise Licence.
An Enterprise Licence is indefinite, but not exclusive.CUSTOM FONTS
Commissioning a K-Type Custom Font grants you ownership upon payment – sole rights to use the font autonomously, exclusively and indefinitely.

Fonts are supplied "as is". Every effortis made to ensure that the files will behave properly, and whilst mistakes and omissions are corrected cheerfully and quickly, K-Type will not be liable for losses incurred by software failure.K-TYPE

K-Type fonts are inexpensive, quality typefaces supplied in Truetype (Windows and Mac varieties), OpenType, and Mac Postscript file formats.

K-Type aims to provide a more personal service...
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