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1. Description of the problem
The website is losing custumers due that the website information about games is not being updated every day because thedatabase we have is not a good information provider, the custumers complain that although the ratings we give to the game are very good and tha tour forums are very social thewebsite is not being updated so the topics are the same.
2. Investigation/Record of Findings
1. Our services are completely free but our customers can donate trough paypall

2. Right now because the ratting is going down is 100.000 but our highest record is 1.000.000
3. Yes, it would be to find another game updater service sowe don’tlosse track of what is new on gamming

3. List of objectives
a. To have a simple website that would allow customers to check information on movies from any part ofthe world and to obtain e-friends globally.
b. To improve the speed of each transaction.
c. To increase profits.

4. Description of the existing solution
Find anew game updater service

5. Evaluation of the existing solution
• Does not require technical knowledge.
• It is completely free
Disadvantages:• Games not updated when they are suppose too
• Webstie has some bugs

6. Description of other possible solutions
Solution 1: find a new game updater
Solution2: find a good anti-virus to get rid of bugs
Evaluation of other possible solutions
Solution 1:
Advantage: customers will have all the information about games updatedDisadvantage: finding a new game updater could cost some money

Solution 2:
Advantages: all the bugs will be deleted
Disadvantages: a good antivirus would cost a lot.
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