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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2010
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In México, more than a Christian holiday is a celebration where both mix pre-Hispanic culture as the Catholic religion, where the Mexican people managed to maintain their ancient traditions alive.Within these traditions are mixed feelings contrasting example, the pain of losing a loved one, coupled with the colorful feast and fun.
This festival celebrates the greatest festival of the dead inMexico. The celebration is filled with many customs. To people like to go and bring flowers to the graves of their dead but for others represents a rite starting from the morning when many familiesmake altars for dead on the tombstones of their dead relatives, these altars have a great significance because it with them is believed to help their dead to keep a track over death.

Families spendlong hours working on the altar, many of these altars are considered true works of art, which reflects the work, dedication and creativity of the people to offer a good altar. There are many ways todo altars of the dead, usually the easiest many people inside their homes as on a table covered with a mantel is a photo of the deceased, and decorated with flowers and some souvenirs.

Other altarsare conducted according to tradition, which states that the altar should consist of seven levels or tiers representing 7 levels which must pass the soul of a dead to rest.

The elements must have analtar are:

• Chains of purple and yellow paper which mean the union between life and death.

• Papel picado that gives color and joie de vivre.

• Flowers are welcome for the soul,the white flower represents the sky; Yellow flower, land and the house mourning.

• Candles that represent the flames with his ascent of the spirit. It also means light, guide the way.

•New Canvas and white representing purity, the sky.

• The candle represents the soul alone.

• Incense smoke of copal which symbolizes the transition from life to death.

• The...
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