Los fenicios (ingles)

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The Phoenicians were the pioneers that started the process of cultural influence over the west nations that were practically in the prehistory with technological advances like navigation,, metallurgy of iron, ceramic, agricultural techniques and crops
(such as grapevines and olive trees), urban and construction techniques. They were responsible for the opening of civilization and entryinto the early history of people on influencing. From the economical perspective they did not have raw materials and they had an insufficient agricultural production to satisfy the domestic market especially from the tenth century Before Christ. His main asset was the wood from the forests of Lebanon, core of maritime trade with Egypt and Mesopotamia and also had an important Purple industry andsalting fishing.

1) How was born the Phoenician culture?
Several groups of Semites began to settle in northern Palestine and Syria to the west of XX BC, these acquired the powerful influence of large neighboring states, Babylon and Egypt, who established their dominance in Phoenicia.
The Babylonians, from the time of Hammurabi, turned Phoenicia in a wing of his empire. Then, the Egyptians didthe same, at the time of the pharaohs Thutmoses III and Ramses II. But later, around 1200 a. BC, the Phoenicians were able to free themselves from Egypt, and then lived independent for more than 400 years, until the Assyrians subdued them. The Assyrians were a warrior conquering people who dominated the entire Near East. For this reason the Phoenician culture was a fusion of Egyptian andBabylonian, as adapted to their needs as writing items when they created the first alphabet.

Thanks to their location on the coast, the Phoenicians became one of the first explorers in the history, and also they led to an early maritime civilization that became excellent sailors and traders because, the Mediterranean Sea was a major element for the development of the Phoenician culture.http://html.rincondelvago.com/civilizacion-fenicia.html

2) Which form of trade did Phoenicians applied?
Phoenician cities were able to create a commercial structure to bridge the gap between natural resources and the resources of their neighbors. As merchants and traders were active and prosperous, they searched and transported by maritimetrade routes from one extreme to another in the Mediterranean, they transported raw materials and all kinds of products manufactured by them and by the people of East.
The Phoenicians were skilled navigators and traders. They developed an important commercial activity effectively for this reason they were called the owners of the Mediterranean in the eleventh to eighth centuries BC In addition tomaritime trade, they received items by land, usually small, brought from Arabia. The Phoenicians were the intermediaries between East and West.
At the beginning, they Used barter as way of payment because most of the people who made commerce with them did not know about currency. They started to use currency until the year 400 before the Christian era.http://www.arqhys.com/construccion/fenicio-comercio.html


3) What products did the Phoenicians develop and which one was the most successful?
Phoenicians were the largest trade and negotiators, they were known as sea traders because of their way of doing transactions and to negotiate successful agreements. The Phoenicians appeared on the scene with an established maritime tradition,and the technology to build ships with a keeled hull. This allowed them to sail the open seas, and as a result, the Phoenicians developed a flourishing sea trade. They were among the greatest traders of their time and owed much of their prosperity to trade

In addition to these exports and imports, the Phoenicians also conducted an important transit trade, especially in the manufactured goods...
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