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  • Publicado : 25 de agosto de 2012
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Characterization of the chilean current youth

There are figures that speak of a youth who is experiencing difficulties due to marginalization, poverty, education or other. Theincrease in drug addiction i and alcohol, teen pregnancy, mental health illnesses such as depression and anorexia, and violence are criminal acts i situations that tell us about complex realities faced bymany young people.

The youth like stage of ripeness:
This perspective of analysis places the emphasis in the processes tied to the physiological and psychological changes that reverberate in theway of being a young woman. In this field, there is played the great topic of the juvenile identity and agreement exists between the experts in indicating that the areas of the affectibility,sexuality, social, intellectual and physicist - motorboat are fundamental in the integral development of the young persons.

The politics of the young persons:
Relation that exists nowadays between theyoung persons and the politics it is necessary to analyze it from a double transformation, the structural and institutional change in the company and the politics, on the one hand, and the change in theparadigm of the youth, for other one.

The participation of the young persons
To promote juvenile processes that stretch to the development and to the legitimacy of his expressions of participation,of generation of initiatives, of grouping, of formal and informal representation of the young persons, which makes them visible, that allows them to possess spaces to exercise his demands and in turnto raise his capacity of dialogue with the actors and in subject matters that him are own.

The drug addiction in the chilean youth:
At present the company faces diverse problems; many of themrelate between yes; this it is the case of the drugs, which has expanded his consumption; and the young persons and his problematic ones. And these to evade his problems shelter in the alcohol and in...
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