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i dont like monday morning
lesson three
1.1listen and repeat1.2complete
a. yesterday was ...
b.today is...
c.tomorrow is....
1.3listen and repeat
on monday on tuesday
on wednesday on fryday
on monday morning
on saturday afternoon
on sundayevening
in the morning
in the afternoon
in the evening
1.4 match the verbs with the pictures
watches television
sees friends
goes shopping
goes for a walk
writes letters
goes to the movies1.5 match
listen to music
read a book
write a letter
correct homework
1.6continue the series of words
1. letter postcard book newspaper
2. man boyson girl
3. daughter sister woman friday
4. my his her their
5. read write listen aswer
6. six eighty twelve fifteen
7. monday thursday sunday to

2. grammar
present simple : negative
iwe do not live in canada
you dont
prepositions of time :on
on wednesday on friday evening
2.1 complete
1. i dont like tennis .i ...soccer
2. we ......watch television on sunday
we go tothe movies
3. they ...have breakfast at 7:00
they have breakfast 8:00
4. i live in puno .i dont..in juliaca
5. we re students. we ...work in an office

2.2 complete
1. i dont work onsaturday and sunday
2. on sunday morning . i read the newspaper
we dont wact television in the mornig
4. in the evening i write letters
5,. on saturday afternoon they play soccer
6. we seebfriends on sunday

2.3 make negative sentences


reading and writing
correct the sentences:
1. i like mondaymorning
2. we study on sunday
3. my parents live in bolivia
4. i go to the movies on monday morning
5. we go shopping on sunday evening
6. my friends play basketball
7. i dont like englihs...
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