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LOST: The Complete List of Mysteries and Answers

Pilot (Part 1)
How did Jack end up in the jungle?
What is the significance of the white tennis shoe hanging from the tree in the jungle?
Answered: 316 (It is implied to be Christian’s. Jack said that after he arrived in Sydney to pick up his father, he put on his father’s feet a pair of his own shoes because no one would see hisfeet and he didn’t believe it to be worth his time or money to go out and buy him shoes)
How did Oceanic Flight 815 crash?
Answered: Live Together, Die Alone (Desmond failed to enter the numbers in the hatch, causing a system failure and allowing the electromagnetism to reach a dangerously high level, which tore the plane apart)
What happened to the tail section?
Answered: Everybody HatesHugo, The Other 48 Days (It crashed in the water, but 22 survived. They were infiltrated by one of the Others, who was later killed by Ana Lucia. Some died of injuries, some were taken by the Others, leaving only four remaining when they merged with the fuselage survivors)
What is the monster?
Answered: Exodus, the 23rd Psalm, The Cost of Living, Left Behind, LA X, Across the Sea, The End (The“monster” was once a human who arrived on the island around two thousand years ago while still in his mother’s womb. His mother, a Roman named Claudia shipwrecked with her people and was found by a woman who had been living on the island for an unknown amount of time. She helped Claudia give birth to twins, the first being Jacob and the second being the unnamed boy who would later become the monster. Thewoman killed Claudia shortly after and raised the twins as her own. She would show Jacob and the Boy in Black the source of the island’s powers, a powerful light within a cave, and tell them that one of them would one day become the protector of the Light. When the Boy learned of the existence of his mother’s people living on the island, he joined them and lived there for years in an attempt toleave the island. While living with them, he became convinced humanity was inherently “greedy, manipulative, untrustworthy, and selfish” but found their curiosity useful, specifically in the wells they dug to access pockets of electromagnetism that naturally existed beneath the island. After telling Mother of his plans to use this energy to leave the island, she filled in the well and killed theentire settlement of people he was living with. Mother made Jacob the Protector before the Man in Black murdered her out of rage, and Jacob in turn beat him and threw him into the Source, reflecting on Mother’s words that entering the Light would be worse than death. The extremely high level of electromagnetism killed the mortal Man in Black and made the living essence of the man he once was thesmoke monster, an immortal shape-shifting entity. For the next two thousand years, Jacob would devote his time to making sure the Man in Black could not leave the island, convinced that his evil nature would corrupt the world.)
What happened to Bernard, Rose’s husband?
Answered: Everybody Hates Hugo, The Other 48 Days (He survived the tail-section crash and is alive)
Who is the father of Claire’sbaby?
Answered: Raised by Another (Thomas, her ex-boyfriend)
Why has no one found the island?
Answered: 316 (The island’s location is not constant, and it continuously moves as a result of its unique properties)
What was the letter that Sawyer was reading on the beach?
Answered: Confidence Man (The letter he wrote to the real Sawyer, who conned his mother, which resulted in the deaths of hisparents)
What is the secret Locke told Walt?
Answered: Tabula Rasa (Walt says “Mr. Locke told me a miracle happened to him.”)
Why are there polar bears on the island?
Answered: Orientation, A Tale of Two Cities, The Man Behind the Curtain, Confirmed Dead, Some Like It Hoth, New Man in Charge epilogue (The DHARMA Initiative studied various fields on the island, zoology being one of them....
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