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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2011
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I'm losing myself
Trying to compete
With everyone else
Instead of just being me
I wanna wake up feeling
But If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes arainbow
everyone's perfect
in their usual way
You make me beautiful
Once upon a time on a far far away land, there was a girl called Emiliana. Emiliana always dream of adventure, of bigadventures, and she always wanted to have a big adventure. One day she met with Emiliano, and Emiliano told her that he knew a place, where they could have many adventures, but going to this place had risks,and danger: -If you really want to have adventure, you might take risks- Thats what Emiliano told her the first time, Emiliana told him,- i dont care what risks i have to take, i want to have a bigadventure! And thats all that matters to me-; that same day he went to Emiliana's house in the night, and he gave her a map, he told her to open it until the day they left their city (by the way theylive in Missisippi), he also gave her some equipment, that she could use in the place where we were going, emiliana actually have no idea of where they were going... He also told her that they will beleaving in two weeks, a long time. 
At the other day Emiliana woke up, and ask her mom for the permission for going to " the adventure", she talked with her with no lies, and with all the courage:-"Mom", in two weeks im going to the Amazon with Emily! She invited me, and i really want to go, So can i please go? -Honey, let me call Emily's mom, in that way i exactly know where you are going tobe- WHAT!? That was the only thing That Emiliana was thinking about, -i need to tell Emily!!- Inmediatly Emiliana called Emily, and explained her everything, she told me: - An adventure? WithEmiliano? Emiliana, please explain me.- -Emiliano is a friend i met some time ago, he is a really good friend, and he our same age, please tell your mom im going to be with you!- Emiliana told her, -Ok... i...
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