Macbeth invented play

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Luis Ruisanchez
Jose Diaz
Jorge Nogales
Hector Llenza

* Who are you?
I am Macbeth, a Scottish general .* What is your position on this kingdom?
I am the thane of Glamis and soon I will be thane of Cawdor and later I will be king of Scotland.

* How do you know you are going to be king?
Becausethe three witches told me the prophecies
I am going to kill the former king of Scotland, Duncan and blame there

* Whatare you going to do when you are a king?
I am going to kill everybody that I see it is a threat. Including Banquo and all of the of the woman and children that he killed.

* That seems ratherambitious, Do you consider yourself ambitious?
Yes I consider myself ambitious and when I become I will be unsecure and not going to trust on anybody

* Do you have a wife?
Yes, I listen to whatshe has to say to me most of the time.

* Does your wife influence you on your decision?
Yes she influences me on the killing of Duncan, and every decision that I make.

* How did your wifedied?
She commited suicide.

When England was about to attack your kingdom, did you feel any fear?

No I did not feel any fear because I am supernatural, something like superman; no man that awoman gave birth can kill me.

So you are a very good warrior and even tough your actions seem coward your are brave because you face and kill a lot of people during battle?

Yes, I believe that noone can kill me , I am superior that is why I fight without remorse and regret.

Who finally kills you then?

Ballodyyyyy Mcduff ends up killing me in a tough battle, he is a very tough warriorand was seeking revenge because I killed all of his family. He decapitates me, it actually hurt a lot.

At the beginning of the story you can think that Macbeth is a noble warrior. But...
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