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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2012
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Macbeth is a play full of drama, ironies and very diverse characters. In this play we see themes such as sleep, unnatural powers, hallucinations and tragedy. In the movie we do see many of thisthemes but not as in depth as in the play. Personally I think that putting a play into a movie is not just a difficult task put a risky thing to fulfill, expressing everything Shakespeare tried to inhis play is extremely hard, this is why there are so many differences between the movie and the play.
One of the main differences between the play and the movie are the witches. They are arevelation of cultural interests. Personally I think they are the cause other than Lady Macbeth of Macbeth's fall into his self destruction. In the movie we see that the witches are every where, in theplay the witches appear only at certain moments. The witches guided Macbeth into all of his disgrace. It was do to them that his avarice started growing and dominating him.
Another difference isthe letter Macbeth writes ti lady macbeth. In the play we see Lady Macbeth reading it and then Shakespeare does not bring it up again. In the other hand we see how Macbeth writes the letter, then wesee how she kills herself. This is when putting a play into a movie simply doesn't work. Personally I think in the movie they show Lady Macbeth reading the letter and then killing herself to letthe viewer understand how all they have led themselves into hell.
Violence and murder is one of the main themes in the play Macbeth. We see many deaths and murders during the play. In the actualplay the kill Lady Macduff off stage and the kill her son onstage. In the movie they kill Lady Macduff onstage and her son offstage. In the play they did kill her son onstage to create a more intenseexperience. I think this is not correct because he was only a child and has absolutely nothing to do with the adults problems. In the movie we see a more tolerably death, we see Lady Mac duffs death.
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