Man as social

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  • Publicado : 8 de febrero de 2011
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Man As Social

The man is part of a society. But also the man could be just that, "a man", individual, because a society is a group of individuals that have things in common acting with the moral. And as the lecture says, could be people in a library, but each one is reading or looking for something different and that is not a society. That is true, there are human needs like get food, clothes,a house and a lot of things like that, but the man can get all alone, he needs from the others, and also the demands of the spirit because that is a part of the man that is pure and wants every action be good, that is why the man is a part of a society. 

The society is an organism moral, you decided if you want to be part of one society. In the actuality there are a lot of people that havethoughts of being individuals, they think that their existence is just for live and act by their own benefits. But also there are people who believe in the sociologism, they think they can be part of any cultural movement that has the same thoughts or acts for the benefits of all the society. I agree about the animal’s society, and that they just differ with us in the progress that we achieve.The communities are different from the society. There are some types of communities like the Spontaneous Society, that is when you could be part of it from the moment you are born, because you are part of your family; there is also the Organic Society, that is when you want to be there, is voluntaries; the Global Community is not being in a organism, is become aware about all the problems that theworld in every country has and do something for the common good.

Of course the man is a person, that refers to exists physically having an immortal spirit, and know about the good and evil, and he can decide and choice his acts. Has an open mind and tending to the truth, the beauty, the good and doesn’t has limits about the knowing of the truly. That is what the lecture says, but I think thatyes the man is like it describes, but also the man decide to be not open mind and that is something that destroy all the past of the humanity, because being open mind is more than accept new things, is accept it, learn and grow like person. About the people, I think they have to interact for can be part of a society, like when you are in the school or work, you have to interact with your partnersand be accepted by them.

I think that the theory about the man for the individualistic capitalism has a lot of truth because that type of man is interested for the money and make him a materialistic man. But what the lecture says about the man for the communist dictatorship is that the man doesn’t has soul and I disagree, because the man has a soul despite is formed make the production for allthe community, but is just a work or a thought I don’t think that if they think that is good that all the community should have the same is really an act of a man with soul, and I don’t think that is compare with an animal. I agree with the theory about the man for the Catholic Church, but I’m not sure about being immortal, maybe our soul can being in another body but I’m not sure about that.The art is an awesome, is a really important part for the man in his life. I think that the art exist thanks of the man. The man creates a lot of things for express his thought and feelings. I don’t think that the art consider the man like a phenomenon than like a person.

I don’t know if all of that books that tell us about the love or the way for act good, or all that things are correctbecause the lecture says that all the scientist and man of culture know or consider the man like an extraordinary and complicated human but that they don’t know about the needs, requirements and destiny.

One part of the lecture about the man that I agree totally is the part that is about the man and all the distractions like the work, the technology, the parties, the radio, computer, etc,...
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