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Conf iguring

ServiceDesk Plus in an instant.
ServiceDesk Plus is a web-based helpdesk software that helps you manage all your communications from a single point. It o ers an integrated Request management (Trouble Ticketing), Asset management, Purchase order management, Contract Management, Self-Service Portal, and Knowledge Base. ServiceDesk Plus packs all the modules at an a ordable price.Configuration Procedure:

Con guration of ServiceDesk Plus is a 3 step process.

1. ServiceDesk Plus Installation 2. HelpDesk Con guration 3. Manage your Assets

System Requirements: Parameter Minimal Requirement Optimal Requirement

CPU Disk Space RAM

Pentium III 800 MHz or above 1 GB or above 5 GB or above

Intel Core Duo 1.7 GHz or above 2 GB or above 50 GB or above

1.Install ServiceDesk Plus
1. Download ServiceDesk Plus. 2. Click the exe le to start the installation and follow the instructions given in the wizard to successfully setup ServiceDesk Plus. 3. Accept the license agreement and select any of the three ServiceDesk Plus Edition from the installation wizard say, i) ii) iiii) Standard Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition

4. Click Next andspecify the destination folder path correctly. For ex: C:\Adventnet\ME\ServiceDesk. 5. Click Next and enter the Web Server Port. By default ServiceDesk Plus uses 8080 port. To run in di erent port specify the same 6. Click Next and select either MYSQL or MSSQL database. 7. Click Next to copy les once you con rm the above details. e application is installed. 8. Select the option "Start ServiceDeskserver" and Click Finish to complete the installation. 9. On successful start-up, ManageEngine ServiceDesk plus login page appears. Specify the login name and password and login to the application

To help you choose the edition that works for you:




2. HelpDesk Con guration

a. Get your users in Get your users imported from Active Directory and con gure the userauthentication with AD. Navigate through the Admin tab, and select the Active Directory Menu to import the users and enable the authentication

Note: While importing the requesters from the Active Directory, the existing requester data will be overwritten.

Setting up:

1. Click on Admin Tab. 2. Go to Active Directory. 3. Click on “Import Requesters from Active Directory”. 4. Select the OUsfrom the list. 5. Click on start importing. 6. Once the user import is completed, you can Enable the Active Directory Authentication.
In case if there is no Active Directory in your organization, import the users from a CSV le Setting up:

1. Click the Admin Tab. 2. Now go to the Requesters list under the Users Menu. 3. Click on the option “Import from CSV”. 4. Map the relevant elds needed forthe import and start importing.

b. Classify Technicians from Requesters Get your users imported from Active Directory and con gure the user authentication with AD. Navigate through the Admin tab, and select the Active Directory Menu to import the users and enable the authentication

Setting up :

1. Click on Admin Tab 2. Go to Requesters from the User menu 3. Edit the requester who has tobe changed to technician. 4. Click on the option “Change as Technician” . 5. e technicians and save the details. 6. To manually add technicians, Click on Admin and then go to Technicians under the user menu Note: To add sites, go to Admin>>sites. To add Groups, go to Admin>>Groups. c. Customize your helpdesk settings Con gure all your helpdesk settings such as category, status, level, mode, impact,urgency, priority, priority matrix, request type, request additional elds, request closing rules and request templates using the Helpdesk Customizer
Setting up:

1. Click on Admin tab. 2. Go to Helpdesk Customizer. 3. Con gure the category, status, level, mode, impact, urgency, priority etc based on your work- ow.


e options such as Request Type, Impact, Urgency and Priority...
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