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NCD HTML Design Guide
Version 5.0 - PDF Edition

Network Communication Design

NCD HTML Design Guide - PDF Edition

License Copyright ©1994-2000 by Network Communication Design All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.

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NCD HTML Design Guide Contents
Version 5.0 - PDF Edition

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Document Structures Document Information Language Charset Information Document Refresh Background and Text Color Page Margin Link Target Windows Base Element Horizontal Rules Style Sheet Elements Header HeaderAlignment Font Size Physical Style Logical Style Font Color Font Face Base Font Setting Entities Paragraph Quotation Line Break Centering Grouping Elements Basic Listings Customized Listing Preformatted Text Comment Spacer Multi-Column Text Marquee Text Direction Pronunciation Image Basic Image aligned with Text Floating Image Image Size Border Line Client Side Image Map



Image Form

Basic Structure Text & Password Checkbox & Radio Image coordinates Hidden Elements File Select Button Selectable Menu Text Area Old Input Style Button Style Field Style Label Table Basic Tags Table Span Table Size Table Text Alignment Floating Table Table Caption Table Color Groups of Rows Groups of Columns Frame Display Rules Display Frame Basic Frame Size Frame Name & Target FrameAppearance Floating Frame Embed Applet Script Object Background Sound Inline Video Custom Tag Inline XML Linking XML





Appendix A: Basic System Fonts Appendix B: Entities Appendix C: Marquee attributes HTML TAG LIST

Copyright & Publishing 1994-2000 Network Communication Design,

NCD HTML Design Guide v5.0

Document Structures... ... ...
, , , , Body of the document

Document Information
#1=Expires, Keywords, Reply-to, Author #2=Information about #1

#1=Relationship to destination #2=URL

Language Charset Information
#= us-ascii, iso-8859-1, x-mac-roman, iso-8859-2, x-mac-ce, iso-2022-jp, x-sjis, x-euc-jp, euc-kr, iso-2022-kr, gb2312, gb_2312-80,

NCDesign HTML Design Guide - PAGE TAGS

1 x-euc-tw, x-cns11643-1, x-cns11643-2, big5
You can specify MIME charset information of your html source. It's good for people who swich some language encodings at option menu. If encoding is presented in html source, browser can swich them automaticaly. Especialy in the case you use some entities, it's better to specify your encoding (maybe iso-8859-1). Entities appearance will be changed inother encodings on someone's browser.

Document Refresh
#1=Refresh Time
HTML Sample

#1=Refresh Time, #2=URL
HTML Sample

Background and Text Color
Page Color #= rrggbb Hex Number, or Name:
Black, Olive, Teal, Red, Blue, Maroon, Navy, Gray, Lime, Fuchsia, White, Green, Purple, Silver, Yellow, Aqua bgcolor --- background color text --- text color link --- link color alink --- activelink color vlink --- visited link color

! ! ! ! !

Background Image Non Scrolling Background

NCDesign HTML Design Guide - PAGE TAGS


Page Margin
#=margin amount

Link Basic ...
This is a Link Test. Try to push!

This is a Link Test. Try to push!

HTML Sample

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