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Cable/DSL Broadband Router w/4-Port Switch

1. Introduction 1.1 Features 1.2 Package Contents 2. Appearance Illustration 2.1 Panel 2.1.1 Front Panel 2.1.2 Rear Panel 2.2 Illustration 2.3 Illustration of router Indicators 2.4 Working environment 3. Setup your computer 3.1 Connect the Router 3.2 Windows 98/Me 3.3 Windows 2000 3.4 Windows XP 3.5 Windows Vista/7 4. Configuring the Router 4.1Status 4.1.1 Statistics 4.2 WAN Setup 4.2.1 For Dynamic IP Setting 4.2.2 For PPPoE Setting 4.2.3 For Static IP Setting 4.2.4 For PPTP Setting 4.3 LAN Setup 4.4 Routing 4.5 NAT 4.5.1 DMZ Host Setup 4.5.2 FTP Private Port 4.5.3 Virtual Server Setup 4.5.4 Port Triggering 4.6 Fire Wall 4.6.1 MAC Filtering Configuration 4.6.2 Connection Filtering Configuration 4.6.3 URL Filtering Configuration 4.7 DDNSSetup 4.8 MISC Configuration 4.8.1 Login ID & Password Setup 4.8.2 Remote Management 1

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Cable/DSL Broadband Router w/4-Port Switch

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UPnP Setup System Time Setup WAN Link Status & Setup Restore Default / Restart System Firmware Upgrade

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Cable/DSL Broadband Router w/4-Port Switch

1. Introduction This router is a Cable/DSL Broadband Router w/4-port switch. It provides you an easy and stable way to share your Cable/DSL high speed Internet connection. The built-in NAT technology can act as a firewall to protect your internal network against outside hackers. The 4-portBroadband Router is compatible with most popular operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh, etc. However, this manual is designed to help users to connect their computers with the Internet under Windows systems. For other operating systems, please check the related materials before you use this Router. The User Manual explains how to setup and use the router in details. It also provides somequick introductions to the related network technologies. Please read it carefully before connecting the Router to the Internet and always consult it first when you meet problems with the Router. 1.1 Features Complies with the IEEE802.3 and IEEE802.3u standards One 10M/100M auto-negotiation WAN port allows you to connect the Router with Cable/DSL modem or other Ethernet devices, such as router,switch, hub, etc Built-in 4-port 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation Fast Ethernet switch allows you to share the single Internet connection with up to 50 computers or network devices Supports different Internet connecting modes: PPPoE, DHCP Client and Static IP All ports support auto MDI/MDIX function which allows you to connect the devices with the Router by either parallel or cross-over Ethernet cablesSupports UPnP, Windows XP can find the Router in the network automatically Built-in NAT (Network Address Transfer) technology acts as a firewall to protect internal sources against outside hackers Simple, intelligent, web-based management and configuration interface Supports Proxy DNS Supports DHCP server, all networked computers can retrieve TCP/IP settings automatically from the Router Supportsvirtual server which makes LAN services (such as FTP, WWW, TELNET, DNS, etc) to be accessible to the Internet users LED indicators for simple diagnostics and management


Cable/DSL Broadband Router w/4-Port Switch

1.2 Package Contents 4-port Cable/DSL Broadband Router User Manual Power Adapter RJ-45 Cable

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NOTE: 1. If any of the above items are missing, please contactyour reseller. 2. Please check the voltage of your power supply before using the power adapter. Different input voltage may damage the power adapter.


Cable/DSL Broadband Router w/4-Port Switch

2. Appearance Illustration 2.1 Panel 2.1.1 Front Panel

Figure 2-1 2.1.2 Rear Panel

Figure 2-2 2.2 Illustration Figure No. 1/8 Name on Router PWR Description Power Status Indicator...
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