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Copyright © 2000
All Rights Reserved
M756LMRT+, V3.3B
S63X/November 2000

1. Please insert the Slot-1 card shipped with this product to the SLOT1 as below, if you installed a Socket-370 processor on the mainboard.

2. Please avoid to do “Clear CMOS” and “reFlash BIOS” operations simultaneously.

3. If the user needs to do the above operations simultaneously,the user must to reprogram the LAN ID, and its procedure is as follows:

a. You may find the LAN ID on the motherboard at least.

b. You may find the programming utility (EE.ZIP) on our Web site – or on the Driver CD disc (\LAN\SiS900\Utility\).

c. Please follow the “README.TXT” (After unzipping EE.ZIP or under the directory \LAN\SiS900\Utility\)instruction to reprogram your LAN ID.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction 1
Key Features 2
Package Contents 5
Static Electricity Precautions 6
Pre-Installation Inspection 6
Chapter 2: Mainboard Installation 7
Mainboard Components 8
I/O Ports 8
Install A CPU 9
Install Memory 11
Setting Jumper Switches 12
Install the Mainboard 15
Install theExtension Brackets 16
Install Other Devices 17
Expansion Slots 19
Chapter 3: BIOS Setup Utility 21
Introduction 21
Running the Setup Utility 22
Standard CMOS Setup Page 23
Advanced Setup Page 24
Power Management Setup Page 26
PCI / Plug and Play Setup Page 28
Load Optimal Settings 29
Load Best Performance Settings 29
Features Setup Page 30
CPU PnP SetupPage 32
Hardware Monitor Page 33
Change Password 34
Exit 34
Chapter 4: Software & Applications 35
Introduction 35
Installing Support Software 35
Installing Under Windows 98 37
Using the PCI Audio Software 39
The Four Speakers System 40

Appendix A: Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 A1
Welcome to Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 A2
Installing Corel WordPerfect Suite 8A6
Learning how to use Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 A9
Support and Services A13
Appendix B: Gamut2000 B1
1. GAMUT2000 Family B2
1.1 LifeAmp - Versatile Audio Playback System B2
1.2 AudioPort - Audio Transportation System B4
2. Installation B5
2.1 Before Beginning: System Requirements B5
2.2 Uninstalling the Previous of GAMUT2000 B5
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