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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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 Do you think that the political, economic, or legal policies in Latin America affect participation in the global economy? In what ways?

I think that political, economic and also legal policies inLatin America, and in any country in the world affect participation in the global economy.
There are many ways in which those policies and intervene in the global economy of a country.
For example,the political system of a country will determine whether a country emphasize in collectivism; which refers to a political system that gives more important to collective goals over individual ones, orindividualism; that refers to a philosophy that an individual should have freedom in his or her economic and political pursuits; and the political system will also influence whether if the countrywill be democratic or totalitarian.
That is very important to mention, because depending to the government, those will be the policies that are going to be set, and people will just have to follow themeven though they don't believe in them.
In Latin America, I would say that many of the countries nowadays are becoming more demanding with their own governments, and aren't afraid to speak up theirminds and share their thoughts with the world, while creating organized movements of people, in the majority young ones, to let the world know their believes, such as Chile and Mexico.

The economicsystems have a connection between the political ideology of the country.
If the country pursuits individual goals, it is almost sure that we will find a free market economic system; and if in thecountry, the political system pursuits collective goals, we may find that the state has taken control over many enterprises and markets, and its a more restricted country to live in, because of all therules and law that the government has declare.

I think that the type of government that a country has will determine the economic policies, and also the legal ones, and having the power of...
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