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To fit replacement shafts
Fit bearings(20)keeping oil groove at gear teeth end slide on thrust washer (21) and secure with circlips(22)after assembly of these parts ensure that there is free radial movement of the bearing on the shaft ,then fit bearing bush (25)in the end of the recess of the bottom shaft (24) before assembly of the shafts into the gear housing examine oil seals(16)for wear andif necessary renew .assemble the shafts in position putting the timing mark (O)on the tooth of the sary renew .assemble the shaft(23)in between the (0)marks on the teeth of the pinion of the botton shaft(24)tap the gear shaft assemblies into the gear housing together ,keeping the locating holes in the oil seals when fitting the shafts ,this should not occur if the pump assembly toolsas shown are used,to secure the shafts in position in the gear hausing screw in position the locating screws (19)and secure .fit the reduction gear (26) to top shaft (23) making sure the driving dowels are in position to re assemble pump.reverse the procedure of paragraphs (f)(b) and (a9.
A.-knurled sleeve tool 317-35b.-guide bar tool 317-37
c.-tapered sleeve tool 317-36
d.-snap ring loading tool 317-76
e.-bearing block bush drift tool 317-48
5.-bearing housing 291-2514/1
10 snap ring 291-2975
12.- gland spring 291-2152/4
14.-rubber ring 291-2527/1
15.-bearing block 291-2540/1
16.- oil seal 291-2153
17.- carbon seal 291-2150/1
23.- pump shaft 291-2510/4
27.- gear housing 291-2501/1
When engine is in continuous use:
Check supply of fuel oil
Check leaks of oil water fuel
Check level and state of lubricating oil
Check level of oil in air comprensor
Turn grease cups jpm only
Check water circulation
Check ester temperature
Check exhaust smoke
Check lubricating oil pressure
100 hours
Clear air filters
Oil starter and generator bearingsDrain moisture trap (if fitted)
Check condition of starter battery(if electric starting)
Check tightness of all nuts
450 hurs
Change engine oil
Clean lubricating oil filter
Check water pump and air comprensor
Remove injectors and check fuel spray
Check reverse gear adjustment
Lubricate auxiliary machinery
1000-1500 horas
Clean fuel filter
Check piston clearance ifgasket is changed
Grind in valves
Clean compression ratio valve screw
Adjust valve clearance
Clean out heat exchanger (if fitted )
3000 horas
Clean out inlet manifold and exhaust pipes
Check water jacket for scale
Clean vent holes in cylinder block
Check free working of governor linkage
Drain sediment from main fuel tank
Renew fuel filter elements
Check injector nozzles forobstructions or wear in orifice
Check big end and main bearings
A reasonable amount of time apent in checking over the details as described in the foregoing in the user best insurance against loss of valuable time and costly repairs.
Changing lubricating oil every 450 horas
Drain oil from engine and tank when warn through drain plug underneath the close to the lubricatingoil pump ,drain and clear out tank
Remove crankcase doors and wipe down inside as clean as possible
If paraffin is used to swill out slude ,crankcase must be wiped dry before recharging with fresh oil
Lubricating oil filter
To remove filter (jp2m& jk2m engine )remove crankcase door remove nut in the top centre of the scavenge oil pump casing this will allow the filter to be extractedfrom the not lose two small fibre washers on end of the filter which seal inlet connection to the pump.
To remove filter (jp3&jk3m engine )remove crankcase door,unscrew union nut on pipe securing it to the adaptor filter and pipe may be extracted from crankcase
Wash both filters carefully in paraffin and examine fine gauze for perforations renew if holed dry thoroughly. And...
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