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  • Publicado : 14 de mayo de 2011
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An Emphasis upon Organizational Change

According to Burns (1978), transformational leaders provide change and movement in an organization. They do so by providing a vision for change (Bennis &Nanus, 1997). In order to be effective, transformational leaders must have a clear sense of goals in order to guide their institutions in new directions (Burns). They need the capacity to stand backfrom everyday activities and see the processes of change over the long term.
Transformational leaders emphasize new possibilities and promote a compelling vision of the future. A strong sense ofpurpose guides their vision. Transforming organizations led by transforming leaders appeal to human characteristics that lift their sights above the routine, everyday elements of a mechanistic,power-oriented system. Transformational leaders manifest passionate inspiration (Hersey & Blanchard, 1996) and visibly model appropriate behaviors (Kouzes & Posner, 1987). The goal is change that raises theorganizations to new and exciting possibilities. To reach the goal, organizations must receive new energy and vision from their leaders. The process of transformational leadership grows out of this senseof vision and energy.
The Process of Change

Transformational leaders focus on change, progress, and development. Therefore, transformational leaders desire to influence the way people think andintroduce new processes into the organization. They may do so by addressing perceptions of reality, influencing psychological understanding of the existing structures, and facilitating comprehension ofthe need for growth. These methods reach into the areas about which humans truly care. Thereby, transformational leaders can define the meaning that motivates actions.
Transformational leadersemphasize the need for understanding change as a process. A process mindset is the basis for effective transformation (Heckscher, Eisenstat, & Rice, 1994). The process mentality involves defining clear...
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