Marias full of grace

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Maria´s full of grace is a movie made between Colombia and EE.UU. This movie is about the drug trafficking and the people who carry drugs in his stomach called mules inColombia. It does not have a specific time because is a daily topic in Colombia. This movie tells the story of Maria (Catalina Sandino) who is a 17 years old girl that works in a flower cultivation; shelives in Colombia with her mother and grandmother. She has a friend named Blanca and her boyfriend is Juan.
Maria went to a party with her boyfriend Juan and there she meets Franklin. Then Mariadiscovers that she is pregnant of Juan but after a discussion they break. Then she decides to make turn with Frankin, who decides to propose her a business, by being a drug mule. She accepts and in thisprocess she meets Lucy another mule, both of them traveling to the USA but Lucy has a trouble because one of the latex beads explodes. Almost discover them but they achieve their goal. They arrived to ahotel, and in the next morning Lucy dies. Two men open Lucy’s body to extract the drug. After Maria deliveries the drug she escapes to have a new life in the USA.
It’s a film full of revelations forthe story. Catalina does an excellent job as actress, makes the character look very real showing despair and anguish. Unfortunately this is the reality of our county, we live in a place where all ofthis happens day by day; it is not a story to be proud, of these things should never happen. Maria´s decision is very risky but she is very brave.
i definitely recommend this movie, it is like adocumentary. It´s an interesting and exciting movie. I suggest to see the movie but it must be seen with open mind because it is not the only thing that happens in our country. Colombia has too many goodthings unfortunately drugs and mules are part of the story.

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