Tales of graces

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Tales of Graces walkthrough


Written by: radiantroar/asndarknessdragon (My Youtube user name)


This guide is not to be reproduced or redistributed without
permission from the author. Thisguide may not be used on any
other site other than Gamefaqs without the author's permission.
Legal action will be taken if such problems arise. The author does
not own any of the fictional characters used in this guide. Tales
of Graces and its characters are owned by Namco-Bandai's Tales of


Table of Contents:
Version History [HIST]
Guide Disclaimers [READ]
Character Bios and Usage [CHAR]
Battle Basics [BATL]
Menu [MENU]
Dualizing [CUST]
Title Importance [TITE]
Walkthrough [WTHR]
-Prologue [PROL]
-Tales of Graces Part 1 [PRT1]
-Tales of Graces Part 2 [PRT2]
-Tales of Graces Part 3 [PRT3]
Shuttle Discovery Quests [STDQ]
Side-quests [SIDE]
Names of towns,roads, and dungeons [NTDR]
Weapons [WEAP]
-Swords [SWRD]
-Gauntlets [GAUT]
-Dual Blades [DBDE]
-Knives [KNVE]
-Boomerang Edges [BOME]
-Rifle Staffs [RIFL]
-Rapiers [RAPR]
Armor [ARMR]
-Plates [PLTE]
-Robes [ROBE]
-Clothing [COTH]
Accessory [ACSS]
-Holders [HLDR]
-Anklets [AKLT]
-Glasses [GLSS]
-Ribbons [RIBN]
-Perfumes [PRFM]
-Mufflers [MUFL]
-Cloaks [CLAK]
Foods [FOOD]Manuscript Translations [MNST]
Works Cited [WORK]


Version History [HIST]

Version 1.0 - Basic walkthrough, side quests, and manuscript
translation are complete.

Version 1.1 - Added Character Bios and usage and battle basics.

Version 1.2 - Added Menu Translations and Dualize section.Version 1.3 - The Title Importance, Weapons, Armor, Accessory, and
Names of towns, dungeons, and roads Sections are added. Menu
Translations is revised. Items to obtain lists updated to reflect
all items in the area.

Version 1.4 - Added the Foods section


Disclaimers [READ]


-This guide is spoiler-free. No villains or bosses will be named
unless it is after the boss fight and is necessary. Levels are
provided with a general idea of where you should be.

-All recommended boss levels are given on assumption that the
player is using Normal Difficulty.

-All names used in this guide are translated to the best
Romanization sound as possible aswell as to flow as well as
possible. None of the names are definite and may differ from other
sources you may use. For some less known items, the Japanese names
are provided for convenience in addition to the translated name.

-You are still expected to fully explore the area/dungeon you are
in. This guide will provide the items you can find in that area,
but will not provide thefull location detail for every item.

-You are not expected to do ANY of the side quests or sub-events
listed. They can be ignored if one desired.

-This guide will NOT fully explain all the puzzles in this game.
While it does provide some solutions to the frustrating puzzles,
you are still expected to solve some for yourself. This is only a
basic rundown of getting place to place in thestoryline. Most of
the puzzles in this game are solvable by brute force and have
quite obvious solutions. The color puzzle for the Buried Sand
Remains can be found on Youtube by searching up "Tales of Graces
color puzzle."

-This guide will give a basic tutorial of dualizing, but NOT cover
the full specific aspects of it, namely the nature combining
aspects. If you want to get a...
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