In a world full of difficulties and obstacles

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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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In a world full of difficulties and obstacles, I found myself, Dana a teenager with a great gift who was to talk to animals and create nature, invincible even in the more complicated problem, always see the bright side of things since I am indestructible. Like a flash of light, and with visions of a past, future and present I am confined within four walls, where you witness my accomplishments,setbacks, joys, angers, at high school 3.

The first time you step on the facilities you can such people that even though you're had arrived two hours before they arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time and have privileges, that's when I met Laura. My first impression? Clown, but I never imagined she had great powers. After that I met Brenda, who became my friend we both passed the tests inthe gym and agreed to meet her on Monday when school started, because after all we were in the same group, 411.

Finally Monday arrived, I started to look around people and I discover I was surrounded by wizards, mad scientists, sportsmen and enthusiasts who gave their all on the playing fields able to skip their classes just to win political hardcore, perfectionists and they always lifted tolook well and could not be missed, intellectuals And where I fit in?. But then I never imagined that we all had incredible powers.

First day of classes, I got up early in the hope that it was the beginning of something unthinkable as every day, I flew to the school looking for a great day, mainly adventure, until I realized that I was wrong and had spent over 30 minutes in a room where I wouldnever get a romantic passion professor, fortunately I was not alone in that moment I just wanted to pass unnoticed, but I could not.

After class I went over to Brenda, who was with Rosella, (a person with chicken heart), to my luck the strange girl, Laura, was part of my group and I felt like if she were hiding a big secret that could yet uncover. All day was: you have to bring this or thatnotebook you have to be excused for that rating, at first, hearing requirements, I found it very difficult to implement them, but I decided to try.

Second day of class. Came with the surprise that I have to choose an activity, they were: use of magic, occult powers how to rescue the city, among many others. From the beginning I decided to use magic, to my luck there was a place for me, theproblem was for Brenda and Ross who wanted to enroll in control of powers, when we left the room we realized that the line was too long, it was when saw Laura and Diego, the persistent, I did the talk. After long wait, finally they reached the place, and since then they have not get separated from us, we became classmates and eventually some great friends. Although the strange thing there was thatBrenda joined us and eventually we stopped talking to her.

The first few weeks even we applied a lot in school, but we found out the professor of black magic for our luck ... my first field failed was something hard to understand after all my academic history had been perfect; and who was at fault, the teacher or me?, after this I tried to recover myself.

Apparently the best of that year wasthat I met great people, including white magic teacher who understood us very well, organized a practice field and we went to the cosmic clouds, that time with the combination of stars Chocolate who joined us as a group and we did a great magic and mysticism in every activity we made.

I still could not believe I had finished my first year of high school, or that I had friends like Laura whocould become into storm, a Ross became the fairy of joy and creativity and Diego the boy that could change into a super girl, major powers were flying and being too strong, and we were very different. While Laura was a little messy girl, Ross was creative and fun Diego, I was quiet, everyone got into their world Terabitia, but we shared something in common, the desire to be the best.

After a...
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