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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2012
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|October 2011 |

Advisory Report

“The Design Factory”

‘Which changes should take place at Van der Wall company to get a better or more successful future for the Design Factory?’

Authors: Completion: October, 2011
Cluster: Finance, Business economics
Class: 2F4
Project team: Team 1
Client: Mr. SergeGautier
Mr. Gert Visbeen/ Han van Kleef
Tutor: Mr. Hans Kraan

Executive Summary

In this advisory report we advised the Design Factory at several areas. First, we advised to setup a mission and vision. On this moment the Design Factory has an idea of direction the company aims, but this idea is not converted in a mission and vision. After set up a mission and vision, the company hasto translate this in a strategy. We advise the company to focus on the customers. This means the Design Factory will be focusing on customer intimacy. It’s important that the company create a good relationship with the customers. Therefore it’s important to offer good services. The company can do this for example by delivering the shoes on time and contact more with their customers. Within fiveyears the company must be healthy and living.

So we advised the company to start an e-store. This means that the company will sell their shoes on internet. This is modern and new. With this advise we expect the company will get a second life. To get in line with our strategy we will offer customer a special account with their own password and username. We will send newsletters with specialoffers if the customer wants. Regular customers will get more advantage. It must pay out to be a Van der Wall customer not only in terms of the quality but in the whole picture.

Not only the e-store is new, the whole advertising must go otherwise. Social media and the whole internet will be the new playground of the Van der Wall company. Also the stocks must decrease because stocks cost money. Andcertainly with fashionable products like the shoes of Van der Wall.

For all this changes we try to avoid dismissing from personal. But it isn't possible to keep everyone within the company. But most people will be on a retrain program so they can do other things within the company, Van der Wall is not for nothing a family company. But the 7 people who need to be fired will be helped on the labormarket by us.

All these changes will eventually lead to a turnover that doubles in a term of 5 years. And with this turnover the company needs to have a 8 % market share of the online women shoe market.


1.Introduction 5
1.1 Introduction of the company 5
1.2 Confronted problems 5
1.3 Central question 5
1.4 Research approach 5
1.5 Conclusion 5
2 Mission, vision andstrategy 6
2.1 Introduction 6
2.2 Mission 6
2.3 Core values 6
2.4 Vision 7
2.5 Market research 8
2.6 Strategy 10
2.7 Conclusion 10
3 Performance organization 11
3.1 Introduction 11
3.2 SWOT- analysis 11
3.3 Value proposition 12
3.4 Strategy map 13
3.5 Action plan 14
3.6 How are we measure the goals? 15
3.7 Summary table 16
3.8 Conclusion 16
4Organization 17
4.1 Introduction 17
4.2 Current organizational structure 17
4.3 New organizational structure 18
4.4 Current organizational culture 19
4.5 New organizational culture 19
4.6 Business Process management 20
4.7 Conclusion 23
5 E-store 24
5.1 Introduction 24
5.2 Lay-Out 24
5.3 Payment methods 24
5.4 Prices & Discounts 24
5.5 Service 25
5.6 Conclusion 25
6Financial Management 26
6.1 Introduction 26
6.2 Sales to retailers 26
6.3 E-store sales 28
6.4 Conclusion 29
7 Dutch Labor Law 30
7.1 Introductie 30
7.2 Ondernemingsraad 30
7.3 Reorganisatie 30
7.3.1 Ontslaan personeel 31
7.3.2 Sociaal plan 31
7.4 CAO 32
7.5 Conclusie 33
8 Conclusion 34
8.1 Introduction 34
8.2 Overall conclusion 34
9 Consulted sources...
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