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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2012
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1. -------------------------------------------------
Identify the key actors and forces in the company’s marketing environment thataffect its ability to serve its target customers effectively.
For Unilever’s case they could not serve their target properly due that P&G wascomplaining about the ingredient that Unilever was using, and that affects the image of the company because the customers can’t trust a product that is constantly having problems.
What were the most critical actors or forces that accounted for Persil/Omo Power’s final downfall?
First thefact that reducing the level of the accelerator didn’t work, and then the story on the Dutch press with pictures proving damages in clothes because of the accelerator.
Show how each of the actors/forces you have identified in question 2 directly (or indirectly) impacted on Unilever’s final decision to revamp and relaunch the defectiveOmo/Persil Power.
Damages were obvious by then, customers were not going to buy or trust a product that was damaging their clothes. Unilever had to actabout it.
4. -------------------------------------------------
Critically evaluate the motives of P&G.
P&G decided to do something aboutit due that Unilever didn’t notice them about the dangerous accelerator, so they had to act and warn the costumers about the corrosive ingredient.
5. What are the key lessons for management?
6. Could the problems have been anticipated and...
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