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MatchMover Full Tutorial


COPYRIGHT Copyright © 1999 REALVIZ S.A. All rights reserved. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. The software described in this document is furnished under a license agreement or nondisclosure agreement. The software may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of those agreements. No part of thispublication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or any means electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording for any purpose other than the purchaser’s personal use without the written permission of REALVIZ S.A. REALVIZ S.A. Arep Center 1, Traverse des Brucs 06560 Sophia Antipolis France WWW.REALVIZ.COM

Image Processing FactoryTM,MatchMover® are trademarks and registered trademarks of REALVIZ S.A. in France, the USA and other countries. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other brands and their products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be noted as such. Among these products are Alias|Wavefront Maya™, Discreet Logic Division of Autodesk 3DStudio Max®, NewTek LightWave 3D™ and SOFTIMAGE Division of Avid® Technology SOFTIMAGE 3D®.


MatchMover™ – the first product of the Image Processing Factory™
MatchMover is the best "3D Camera Tracker" available and the only one running stand alone under both Windows NT® and IRIX®. Using new, breakthrough technology, MatchMover captures any live-action camera motion in 3D(including zoom) by tracking 2D features in an image sequence. No additional information is required about the camera or the scene. In addition, MatchMover calculates the 3D coordinates of any 2D features. By exporting the camera data to standard animation software, users can create image sequences of 3D scenes using the real liveaction camera path. For mixed 2D and 3D motion animation, MatchMover isindispensable!

The Image Processing Factory™
The Image Processing Factory is an integrated family of applications that streamline workflow processes for computer graphics professionals involved in image processing, 3D modeling, animation or special effects. With the Image Processing Factory, computer graphics professionals can free their imagination and create!

Other REALVIZ Products ReTimer™ReTimer is the ultimate "Time Warper" to slow down or speed up motion sequences. The software utilizes a revolutionary new method for creating new frames between actual frames in a motion or still sequence. With this technique, superior-quality high speed and slow speed sequences can be produced in less time and at lower cost. In addition, ReTimer enables animators to smooth the motion of handdrawn or computer-generated animation sequences by increasing the number of frames available for projection. And, fluid motion sequences can be created from a sequence of just a few photos! ReTimer is a highly effective tool that provides new, easier and less expensive ways to produce a variety of motion effects.

Instead of modeling complicated geometry, materials and lighting fromscratch, ImageModeler allows computer graphics professionals to tap directly into the richness of the real world. The software is the first high-end "Image-Based Modeler" to produce virtual 3D models from photo, video and cinematic images. ImageModeler processes photo images and interprets them to define a model’s geometry in 3D wire-mesh. The software then maps textures from the original imagesonto the wire-mesh. The resulting 3D model is accurate and highly realistic, and it can be produced in less time and at much lower cost that conventional computer modeling techniques.

Stitcher combines horizontally and vertically overlapping photos into stunning wide-angle, highresolution images in seconds. Panoramic images up to 360° X 360° can be exported to 2D compositing software...
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