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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2011
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What makes a Classic, a classic? Is it how dearly the words are composed? Like a perfect combination of do, re mis in a musical sheet played by the musician, a writer marks the nicely arranged wordsas he or she wishes. But what makes Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” a classic? The novel that talks about the tangled relationship of Darcy and Elizabeth, how they started with anger – which is apassionate feeling- and ended with love- a human characteristic hard to pursue but not impossible to accomplish. Novels might sound everlasting paragraphs after paragraphs that merely talk about twocharacters and how they went from strangers to lovers. Austen makes it more believable, with settings, characters and events that at the end, you don’t know if it was based on a true story or not. Shestarts explaining how Mrs. Bennett’s job and only goal in life is to marry her five daughters- Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia. On one lucky day, Mrs. Bennett’s prayers were heard and rumorsspread of a young – and most importantly- wealthy man had bought a fine property in town.
After the young man- known as Mr. Bingley- arrives, Mrs. Bennett starts pressuring her husband to meet the newneighbor- and possible son-in law. Finally he gives in and arranges a meeting with Mr. Bingley. As return Mr. Bingley offers a ball, where he meets Jane and falls in love with her. And were we meetthe proud Mr. Darcy and the not so nice Mr. Bingley’s sisters. Mr. Darcy was very handsome but with his discourteous attitude he left so much to think of. Elizabeth overheard a conversation were Mr.Darcy said she was not so pretty to dance with him, which left Elizabeth flabbergasted. Days passed and Jane kept touch with Mr. Bingley. Once on a visit to his house, her mother had arranged for her tostay there after she had been drenched in a storm on the way. Elizabeth went to visit her sick sister and encountered conversations with Darcy which started feeling a gravitational pull towards...
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