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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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TOK Links with Math by the Knower

The knower is the link between TOK and Math because the knower is the receptacle of the Areas of Knowledge and the entitywho processes the ways of knowing. The knower particularly does this the following ways: by reason because Mathematics requires a structured and logical thought. Theknower has to use academic reasoning in order to use math and thanks to the knower’s reasoning, we have been able to program technology to serve us. ThroughLanguage because Mathematics are an abstract language form through which humans communicate. By Perception in three following examples: Trigonometry -We perceive thatcities are big; the mathematical perception of this fact is trigonometrical (The area of the city); Calculus -We perceive that airplane go faster than ants; we candetermine this mathematically by the calculating their velocities; and Probability -We perceive that during rush hour, there is always a lot of traffic; we can determinethat the probability being late or encountering a traffic jam are higher. By Emotions because the knower doesn’t submerge in world of opinion, religion, oremotions, since math is cold exact and concrete.

As I’ve stated in my opening slide, the knower is the link between TOK and Math because him or her is thereceptacle of the Areas of Knowledge and the one who process the content received. Moreover, our occidental culture gives math and math based sciences a predominant andrespectful place - a way I can illustrate this thought is that when something is proven with math, people tend not to question it, usually agree with it and believe it.