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  • Publicado : 18 de julio de 2010
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The most innovative technology for Scada/HMI software.

“We have chosen Progea
Progea is a leader
as a global technological partner
in Scada/HMI software
for our visualization solutions.
solutions. Originally
The software technology developed by Progea
established in 1990
has proved to be innovative and flexible
in the automation softwareso that it perfectly supports our philosophy
market sector, today takes
of IT Powered Automation.”
pride in offering the best
technology strongly oriented
Volker Bibelhausen
Vice President - Head of Business Unit Automation Systems
towards innovation sustained
Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG
by a young close-knit team
and constant growth in the
international market
of automationaffirming
its professional
reputation further afield.

Solutions for: Automotive • Manufacturing • Chemical
Food & Beverage • Pharmaceutical • Utilities & Energy
Oil & Gas • Water&Wastewater • Building Automation
The extreme openness
and flexibility of the
Guaranteeing steady non-stop production
The Movicon™11 technology, excellence
Movicon™ architecture
processinformation flow in realtime on
of Scada/HMI platforms, with unrivalled
an enterprise-wide basis, from plant floor,
openness, simplicity and performances, is the
makes it the perfect
facilities to business management levels,
only one of its kind completely based on XML
Scada/HMI supervision
is the “real” solution for managing the
standards and emergent technologies such
production processof any modern industrial
as the Web Services, SVG graphics, SOAP,
solution appliable
plant system, all directed at improving
OPC, SQL, XML, .Net and COM, and the java
efficiency, increasing business with top
technology used for Web Client solutions.
o any sector in the world
quality products, client satisfaction and
Movicon™11 is a standard software for all
quick returns. Movicon™11 canmake this
those operating in industrial automation,
of automation.
happen by offering the best solution that
remote control and building automation.
no company can do without. An absolute
A truly universal Scada/HMI platform,
‘must have’ for maintaining, developing
independent from hardware, adaptable and
supervisory control, operator interface and
deployable absolutely anywhere,wherever.
data acquisition software. The exclusive
Movicon™ offers an all-in-one platform
“XML-Inside” technology is the revolutionary
deployable at all levels whether being HMI
innovation to the Movicon™11 offering
operator panels and/or mobile devices based
an all-in-one development environment
on WinCE, or Personal Computers in big
for managing HMI, Scada, Soft-Logic and
industrial plantsystems with client/server
statistical production data analysis allowing
redundancy architecture, with connectivity
quicker developing times to provide end
to any PLC, network and industrial or civil
users with powerful, open, flexible, easy to
fieldbus. Your company’s success deeply
maintain solutions supplying enriched very
depends on how open and independent your
simple-to-use tools.applications are and how much time and
resources they save you In planning them.

Protect your
investments with the
most innovative and
modern Software
technology ever.
The revolutionary Movicon™11 gives
another meaning to industrial supervision
concepts. Not only does Movicon™11
provide you wit h a vast variety of tools
for creating powerful visualization andcontrol projects within a few clicks, it
also incorporates the most innovative
technologies to consent your application
easy integration with the entire world,
both in distributing information t owards
enterprise information management
syst ems (MES, ERP), and dist ributing
information to local or remote Clients
across the web. Your plant system can be
accessed safely from any part of...
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