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Maus is a comic book about the Second World War. The author of the book, who also appears in the book, Artie is a cartoon artist. Ha wants to write the story of his father Vladek, asurvivor of the holocaust. The book begins with Artie going to his father’s house in Queens. He is talking to his dad and he comes up with the idea of writing the story of his life. They start the storywith how Vladek was when he was young, how he met his first wife Anja, they talk about how Anja’s family was very wealthy, and her father gave Vladek his own textile factory. After their first sonRichieu was born Anja gets depression. She goes with Vladek to the most expensive sanitarium where she can be helped. When they come back Vladek discovers that someone vandalized his factory,probably the Nazis.

When World War 2 begins Vladek goes into the polish army. He goes to a fight against the Germans; however, the Germans won the fight and took him and the rest of the soldiers asPOWs (prisoners of war). The Germans force them to go to a POW camp where they do hard labor. Finally he is released and he goes back to his family to Poland, but Poland is now under German control.The Nazis take away Vladeks factory, but he still tries to make money for his family in the black market and usually he does make some money. As the Germans start to take more Jews to the campsthey started with the elderly. Anja´s family wasn’t going to let the Germans take away their grandparents, so they would hide them. Each time the Nazi who would take away the elderly came thegrandparents were hidden. When they were moved to a smaller house they found a different hiding spot until they finally caught the grandparents and took them to the camps. When all of the Jews had to goto a stadium where the ones that could stay in the town would be separated from the ones that are going to be deported. Since Vladeks sister was going to be deported his dad crossed the fence to the...
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