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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2010
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The Multi Band Internal Transmitter/Receiver

The Multi Band Internal Transmitter/Receiver, also known by its acronym “The MBITR”, is one of the most important pieces of equipment use by militarypersonal, on this particular case an aircrew. It provides the means of communication in a wide range of bands which include: line of sight (LOS), combat search and rescue (CSAR), and satellitecommunications (SAT). This radio, used by ground force teams, helps on the coordination of movements, contact air support, chain of command and other infiltration and exfiltration assets between many others.It is also a vital piece of equipment in which an aircrew can rely on if founded on an emergency situation, ENE, in hostile territories.
Designed to work like a normal radio, user friendly, thefrequencies are cipher and coded to exponentially increase the security of any information transmitted by its users. Encoding information is a primitive, efficient and reliable way to safeguard anythingbeing said between parties. This method has been in used since World War II. This can be achieved by the means of a KYK-13. This device holds the fills for the radios and it is change periodically tomaintain a high security level of all communications.
The way this fills work is very simple. Let’s talk for example about the line of sight band. This band comprehends a wide range of frequencies thatcan be use. In a non-secure radio you will be using one frequency to transmit and receive or one frequency to transmit and another to receive. In a secure radio you will be using hundreds eventhousands of frequencies in a matter of seconds to receive and transmit. If communications are intercepted the military value of anything heard will be meaningless.
Secure communications play a veryimportant role when conducting military operations specially when in hostile territories. You never know who is listening, and the enemy is always looking for a way to intercept and know what is going on....
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