Mcdonald's si tuviera comida saludable

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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2011
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Enrique B. Mazón Haya


• Introduction

• McDonald´s an the speed

• McDonald´s and the information

• McDonald´s and the crisis

• The healthy trend

• Conclusion

• Sources


With this essay I try to demonstrate with different main points that the implementation of a healthy menu into the McDonald´s restaurants chain wouldn´t berefletected in higher profits, since many customers would stop eating at this place, changing by similar restaurants.

McDonald´s and the speed

We live in a world where time and speed are becoming more important. People live in a hurry, working in haste, move with haste, and eat in a hurry.
It is this last point where McDonald's has the greatest competitive advantage over other sellers offood: the speed with which it serves its products.

When a person for different reasons is on the breakfast, lunch or dinner-time away from home, and it´s not possible for him having food on hand, he/she needs another choice: going to a restaurant or to a bar.
A consumer who goes into McDonald´s know that since he started speaking with the cashier until receive the tray, there will not pass morethan 2 minutes. If we add about ten minutes that you can take to eat, we will find that in 12 minutes the client has succesfully met its target, and can return quickly to what he was doing, whether work, study, tourism..
He doesn´t have why to worry about waiting for the waiter take notice, ordering it to the kitchen, cooking, bring it to the table and finally paying.
Almost 19m of consumers inUK do so just because they feel like it and 15m eat out as a regular treat.

If we look at another service offered by McDonald's, the McAuto, we find the same client profile. People who wanna hot food as quickly as possible, in this case without not even get off the car, taking it away to wherever you want as soon as possible.

In response to the question, would McDonald's get greater benefitwith a healthier menu?
We can concluye that it wouldn´t, since a large part of McDonald´s’ customers is lookin for a meal that satisfy you soon, and a healthier menu requires more preparation, more dedication in the moment because there shouldn´t be prefabricated food. All of this points means longer customer waiting time. Therefore, all clients who come to McDonald's with the intention ofeating quickly would go to competing chains.

Do we know all of McDonald´s’ risks?

We are in the information age par excellence, where we continuosly receive information from the outside world through the Internet, the radio, the press, television, cinema... It is hard to imagine that a few years ago you could not afford receiving the information from another part which was not your city or yourcountry.
Nowadays, the world is more and more globalized and one can access to the news happening on the other part of the world at the same time they happen.

With this brief introduction, I want to point out that any McDonald's’ consumer knows the risks of eating in this chain.
Who has not heard about the documentary Super Size Me? It´s enough reading this excerpt from the final:

“Inonly 30 days of eating nothing but McDonald’s I gained 24.5 lbs., my liver turned
to fat, and my cholesterol shot up 65 points [to 230]. My body fat percentage went
from 11 to 18%, still below the average of 22% for men and 30% for women. I
nearly doubled my risk of coronary heart disease, making myself twice as likely to
have heart failure. I felt depressed and exhausted most of the time, mymood
swung on a dime, and my sex life was non-existent. I craved this food more and
more when I ate it, and got massive cravings when I didn’t. In my final blood test,
many of my body functions showed signs of improvement, but the doctors were less
than optimistic.”

This information was obtained from a documentary that was broadcasted all around the world, where we could see how the health...
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