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1.-What happened in part four?
a. Behind the courtain
b. because she was thinking that hamlet was there to murder her
c. ´cause he was spying them
d. because he was talking about things thatshe didn’t know or lying
e. he wanted to show her the true about herself
f. be the king for all his life and get all the power and be rich

.-What do you think?
a.Was Hamlet right to killPolonius?
No, Hamlet didn’t know that He was behind the curtain, hamlet wanted to kill Claudius
b.Did the queen know about her husband murder?
No, she thinks that he just died
c. Will Hamlet succed ingetting revenge?
No, that wasn’t the better way

2.- look at the words in the box
Which words would you use to describe these character?
Hamlet : intelligent, clever, strong,
Laertes: evil,cruel, intelligent, changeable
Horatio: intelligent, strong
Ophelia: depressed, innocent, loving, foolish
Gertrude: confident, unlucky , confused
Claudius: mad, evil, cruel, guilty dishonestPolonius: obedient, clever
Rosencrantz: dependable,
Guildenstern: kind, strong
3.- Look at these pictures. They tell part three and four of the story
Now write a summary…
The actors arrived toElsinore and performed for the kings, when the king started to run , Hamlets maybe know why , he found him praying but cannot kill him. Later while Hamlet an the king where talking, Hamlet hears a voicebehind the courtain, and he killed him because he thought that was the king Claudius , but when He pulled back he found to polonius , as result, the king sent him away.

a. A
b. D
c. ?
e. D
f. A
g. A
h. D
i. A
j. A

6.- Change the ending of Hamlet!
Gertrude doesn’t drink the poison, Laertes get mad and kill her, hamlet drink the poison and die,Claudius before Hamlets death says that hes the murderer of his father and the guards take him to the jail.
Gertrude: I don’t want to drink , hamlet take it
Laertes: drink it or you´ll be repented...
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