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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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Diana Herrera
English class, 9th grade

Oaxaca State is located in the South-eastern region of Mexico; it borders onthe North with Veracruz and Puebla, Chiapas on the East, Guerrero on the West and the Pacific Ocean on the South. The pleasant sub-tropical climate and the serenity of distant places attract mosttravelers to the Oaxaca Valley. It has peaks almost 10,000 feet (more than 3,000 meters) high, caverns among the deepest in the world, virgin beaches, hidden jungles, and luminous valleys that housepopulations where, as a crucible, cultures of all people who once lived in its midst come together. Zapotecs, Mixtecs, and the fourteen other ethnic groups still present in its culture and customs; eventhe Spaniards. Oaxaca is the most diverse state in Mexico.
Oaxaca, the State Capital, declared Humanity’s Cultural Patrimony by UNESCO, owes its fame to the beauty and harmony of its architecture, therichness of its cultural traditions, the wide variety of its typical foods, and its soft temperate climate, spring-like throughout the year.Places to Visit
A good place to start a tour of Oaxaca would be in the Zocalo, the central town square. This is the center of activity and it is here where the most important celebrationsand events take place. The place is lined with charming sidewalk cafes, restaurants, street vendors peddling everything from handicrafts to local cuisine, fountains and parks that make it a perfect spotfor just relaxing and watching the day go by. Walking around the Zocalo and admiring colonial architecture gives the impression of being transported to another era. Surrounding this park is theCentral Historical District, where other political and social events constantly unfold.

Monte Alban
Another essential place to visit are the archaeological ruins of Monte Alban, which some experts...
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