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PSYCH 1010 Making Connections Activity Naturalistic Observation Your task for this assignment is to go “under cover” and do some unobtrusive, naturalistic observations in common, everyday lifesettings. For this assignment, you will need to identify a very specific behavior that you plan to observe, two locations in which the behavior could occur, and a hypothesis about whether and how thefrequency of the behavior might differ across those two situations. Then, you actually have to go do the observations and report on them. Use the following questions to guide your observations and answereach directly in your 500-1000 word write up of your activity. Your write up must be submitted electronically through the digital drop box associated with this activity. 1. What behavior did youobserve? 2. Why did you choose that behavior? 3. How did you operationally define that behavior? In other words, how did you know exactly when that particular behavior occurred, and not another? 4. Which twosettings did you conduct observations in? 5. Why did you choose those settings? 6. What did you expect about the frequency of the behavior in each of those settings? 7. How long did you makeobservations in each setting? 8. How often did the behavior occur in each setting? 9. What is the rate of the behavior in each setting? (number of occurrences per time unit) 10. Identify 3 potential problemswith your observational study that a critical researcher might point out. Suggested behaviors to get you thinking, although you can choose any: Hand washing, saying “Thank you,” turn signal use,open-mouth kissing, picking up change from the ground, using a straw to drink, gender distributions within groups, checking if car is locked, cell phone use, proximity of conversation partners Suggestedcontexts to get you thinking, although you can choose any: Parking lots, movie theater lobbies, restaurants, student union, laundromats, concerts, bars, parks, train stations, libraries, church One...
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