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  • Publicado : 2 de diciembre de 2010
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Auto calibration
The process of auto calibration has the purpose to set all the parameters of LPG injection steering. It uses the advanced technology of engine data transmission which are agreeablewith the OBD II/EOBD protocol. Measuring the air and fuel flow during driving on two fuels (separately on petrol and LPG) it sets the MULT. factor. A precise selection of the MULT. factor guarantiesthe same air-fuel quality on petrol and on LPG. The correct auto calibration requires the correct selection of the LPG injector. Selecting the injector type you auto calibrate the producers settings ofthe injection characteristics. Each injector has its own dependence of the injection dose from its opening time. The lower is the resistance of the coils so bigger is the magnetizing of theconstruction elements and the closing of the injector is delayed. Similarly, the use of the nozzle reducing the injectors expense causes the change of the injection time and closing of the injector. That’s whyits REALLY IMPORTANT to correctly chose right injector construction and the nozzle size before you start the calibration procedure (drawings below). After choosing the injector we proceed to startingthe auto calibration procedure. The key is on the chart CALIBRATION-> F8 Correction map->F10 Auto calibration. Next we press the key (see drawing below). The calibration procedure consists of threesteps: In the first step we find the injection time on petrol and LPG on idle drive with the RPM between 2000 and 3000. In the second step we make the drive on petrol so that: • the RPM is over 2000and under 5000, • the petrol injection time is bigger then than its double value on idle drive, but not bigger than the five times the value on idle drive, • when it’s possible to hold the throttle inon position for a few seconds (settled state). In the third step we make the drive on LPG and we try have similar conditions like above. Switching over between the fuels (petrol/LPG) is done...
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