Medidores de flujo tipo vortex

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Product Specifications I/A Series® Intelligent Vortex Flowmeters Foxboro Model 84F Flanged Body Flowmeters and Foxboro Model 84W Wafer Body Flowmeters with HART® Communication Protocol

PSS 1-8A3 A


The Foxboro Models 84F and 84W are part of a family of intelligent, high performance, flanged and wafer body vortex flowmeters. They transmit a 4 to 20 mA or digital multidrop,and a pulse output signal, as applicable, using HART communication protocol for remote configuration, calibration, and monitoring. An On-board LCD indicator with pushbuttons is also offered for local configuration. FEATURES • Liquid, gas, or steam applications. • Flanged or wafer body designs: – 3/4 to 12 in (DN 15 to DN 300) flanged body. – 3/4 to 8 in (DN 15 to DN 200) wafer body. • Best in classaccuracy: – ±0.5% of reading in liquids. – ±1.0% of reading in gas and steam. • Widest rangeability in class. • Active Tuning™: – Real time Reynolds number (RD) low flow correction down to RD of 5000. – Compensation for piping effects. – Adaptive filtering and signal conditioning. – Tunable for specific operating conditions. • HART communication protocol. • DirectSense™ technology with lifetimesensor warranty. • New Pulse Output provides raw or scaled frequency, or total. • Foxboro has a free-to-use, flow sizing program on the internet at See next page.

PSS 1-8A3 A Page 2 FlowExpertPro™ FlowExpertPro is a program primarily used to size Foxboro flowmeters. It also ensures that the user has selected the proper flowmeter type for his application. Invensys providesthis meter selection tool as a free web site to all users, without the need for registration. In addition to flowmeter selection and sizing, FlowExpertPro includes the following features: • Incorporates a large library of the physical properties of typical process fluids. • Displays results in tabular or graphic format. • Allows user to save, print, or E-mail results. • Provides reference toapplicable flowmeter PSSs and other related flowmeter documentation. The program calculates minimum and maximum flow rates, rangeability, pressure loss, and Reynolds Number, using established flow equations. It also allows for material and flange selection. You are invited to visit to access this program, or contact Invensys for further information, and technical support. WIDEVARIETY OF APPLICATIONS The Foxboro Models 84F and 84W set the example for industry standards whether the application requires accuracy for totalizing and batching; utility metering of fluids in the process industries; fuel, air, steam, or gas metering for the measurement of energy in any high use application; or stability and repeatability for process control. SIMPLE DESIGN FOR BEST PERFORMANCE ANDRELIABILITY This patented family of vortex flowmeters has the high accuracy and rangeability of positive displacement and turbine flowmeters without the mechanical complexity and high cost. They provide flow rate accuracy of ±0.5% in liquids and ±1.0% in gas and steam. It utilizes patented DirectSense technology to eliminate routine problems encountered with other vortex meters. DirectSensetechnology measures pressure pulses from vortex shedding directly, without losses due to mechanical linkages. The benefits of DirectSense technology include: • Provides best performance in class. • Increased measurement sensitivity for wider rangeability. • Greater immunity to pipe vibration. • High reliability backed by lifetime sensor warranty. • Replaceable sensor without recalibrating. Becausethese vortex flowmeters have no moving parts, they are very durable and reliable. The simplicity of design ensures low initial cost, low operating and maintenance costs, which contribute to an overall lower cost of ownership. ActiveTuning™ (See Paragraphs below) Reynolds Number Patented algorithm improves accuracy performance down to an RD of 5000. Compensations for Piping Effects When it is not...
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