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  • Publicado : 11 de enero de 2012
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Francisco Favian Navarro Quijada
Group: x01
Short story
Ingles 2

Golden Teeth

A long time ago there was a 16 years old boy named Jon, he was a short, had black hair, he hadwhite skin and he had black eyes, he lived in a town near to Tucson AZ named Sahuarita. He was a very happy boy, he was always singing, playing, or dancing. Jon Parents were very old they had adopted Jonwhen he was five years old. The family lived in a very small house made of wood, the house has a kitchen, and one room, the restroom was outside. Sixteen years old Jon helps them a lot in everythinghe can.
Since he was a kid Jon always dreams to have many things of gold. He dreams with having many things of gold. He just loved the yellowish color of gold. Jon parents were very poor and theycould not afford to buy a minimal piece of gold for Jon. Jon fathers work as a farmer and he just have money to sustain Jon and his wife. Jon’s mothers also work she make tortillas for sell but that wasnot enough to buy a little piece of gold for Jon.
The yellow color was very expensive even in clothes. Jon just has one shirt of that color which was his favorite.
One time Jon’s mother tells Jonto go to the store to buy three pieces of bread to eat with, one for each one of them. In Jon’s way back to his home he saw a homeless man in very bad conditions he felt sad for it and he decide togive his piece of bread to the man, he get closer to the man and said here Mr. and he gave him a piece of bread. The man look at him with a thankful face and he smile and said thank young man, when thehomeless man smile the teeth of the man grabs immediately Jon’s attention, the teeth were so yellow that their shining when the homeless smile. Jon immediately ask the man if he had golden teeth, theman laugh and said you crazy little boy, there is no way I can have golden teeth. Are you making fun of me? The man asks, no no no Mr. Jon said I just want to know how you get your teeth so yellow....
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