Melchor muzquiz, the north oasis

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Melchor Muzquiz: The North Oasis
Sofia Elguézabal
Howell High School

Melchor Muzquiz: The North Oasis is telling you about this interesting and beautiful town in Mexico, not known for a lot of people. Is giving you a little bit of history about it, how it starts to being a city, its foundation etc. And of course all the thingsyou can do if sometime you have the chance to go to that city, like the different parks that you can find there, the gastronomy of the region, trust me you will be surprising when you know all the kinds of different and delicious food that Muzquiz can offer you. And talking about people it shows you a definition about the kikapoo Indians a big group of people from the United States who has beenliving there since the last two hundred years, crazy don´t you think so? So, if you are interesting in this typical and beautiful city keep reading and you will not be disappointed.

Key Words: Muzquiz, Mexico, Foundation, Indians, City, Beautiful.

Melchor Muzquiz: THE NORTH OASIS
"Melchor Muzquiz, land of beautiful women and hard working men."
Melchor Muzquiz Coahuila, Maybe some of thesequestions come to your head when you see this title in this paper, what is Melchor Muzquiz, Coahuila? Is that a city? If it’s a city, where is located? And I don’t judge you; Melchor Muzquiz Coahuila is not a very popular world that we listen here in the US very often. But I will tell you a secret, if you were thinking that Muzquiz is a city you are right men! You just score 100 points. But what isthat so interesting about that city? Why am I writing about it? Not just because I was born over there, I’m writing about Muzquiz because I want you to know that Mexico have beautiful places to go where you can relax and have fun, and also you can learn a lot and have a great experience. It’s so sad that in these days in the news they just show bad things about Mexico, and I’m not going todisagree about that, but I want to tell you that they are still wonderful places like Muzquiz where you can go and have a good time. Even if it’s a small town they are a lot of things to do, you will be surprised trust me… and if you still don’t believe me, just keep reading, come on! Don’t be afraid you are just in a short step to get to know one of the unknowable but prettiest towns in Mexico. I’mtotally sure that when you will finish this paper you will be so glad that you read it and hopefully for some random reason I will see you in Melchor Muzquiz, Coahuila one day.
So, are you ready to know more about the north oasis? To get to know it location, traditions, people, ethnics etc.? Trust me you will love it. Let’s talk about it.

Melchor Muzquiz
Melchor Muzquiz is located in the northpart of the state of Coahuila in Mexico. If you are just wondering where is Coahuila, here is the answer to your question. Coahuila is located in the north eastern part from Mexico, on the border line of Texas, is the second biggest of the thirty eight municipalities of Coahuila. Covers an area of eight thousand one hundred and twenty eight kilometers square and it’s surrounded by amazing mountainlandscapes. But let’s talk about a little bit of history; in the begging Melchor Muzquiz was no known as Melchor Muzquiz, it was known as a mission valley named Santa Rosa de Santa Maria founded for the Father Juan Larios in 1674. This mission valley will protect all the Indians who live in the region from the war attacks. In August 29, 1737 Santa Rosa de Lima day, the father Juan Larioscelebrated the first mass so they decided to change the name for Santa Rosa Maria del Sacramento. Later, in 1850 to honor the memory of the General Melchor Muzquiz, native of the area and president of Mexico in 1832, they decided to change the name for Melchor Muzquiz, and almost a hundred years after in 1925 rise the category of city which is its current name.
Actually the city of Melchor Muzquiz has...
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