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How can the employees be motivated?
which has already been operating for over 20 years. This company has been characterized over the years because wealways have employees who stay there for several years. Employee turnover that would have to give in it is not enough to bring fresh new ideas that emerge fromthem.
Currently, the service provided at the restaurant is not all good because the most of the employees who work are just working for fun withoutresponsibility and without supporting a family or support themselves. Most employees who work there are young employees who only need the money for fun and to hang out.Therefore these employees do not give the service you have to give in the company.
The most important thing here is to know how to motivate employees so they cangive their best so you can give a good service and on the other side feel comfortable with the company.
Some of the ways to motivate employees in theRestaurant are:
• Establishing clear goals and objectives of the organization and give them to meet the staff.
• Always let them know what they do well and thankthem.
• Tell them that they are able to do their job.
• Reward them with bonuses.
• Organize events for them.
• Lend them money when they need it.
• Let themto know that your family is also important.
• Create a positive work environment within the company.
• Raise the salary for what they wear to work and can goto obtain results within the company.
With these important points will surely improve business efficiency as well as customer service by employees.
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