Memorias de una geisha

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It started on Sayuri already being a geisha. She starts by narrating her past story life. Her real name is “Chiyo-Chang”. She lived in a poor place as we can call it today in a village, those people in the village didn’t know a thing; they have no culture, or any knowledge of anything. Their dad was a very old man or at least he looked like one knowing the hard life he carry so he can supporthe’s family, he gained his money by being a fisher man, her mom was a very beautiful and charming women, she had those beautiful blue eyes. People in the village use to say that she had a lot of water in her life. And that water is very good, but unfortunately she had a bone cancer and she was in a deep pain, so she actually was gonna die soon o later, and in my opinion I think their dad sell’s theirdaughter because he does not have any money and he would have no idea what to do with the two girls in his own power. So he desided to sell the girls to Mr. Tanaka and the story start that day.

One day Mr. Tanaka visit Chiyo-Chang Father, they where negotiating the two girls to a okiya or to any other place, Mr. tanaka and Chiyo-Chang Father got to the deal that
Everything was gonna be asexactly Mr. Tanaka wanted.
Mr. Tanaka took both of the Girls away from home so he can sell them to a house, but first Mr. Tanaka have to send them to Mrs.Fitcher, so they can be checked if they are still virgens or if they had already had sex or in other words not virgins and also Mrs. Fitcher had to checked their body too. Later that day Mr. Takanaka took both girls to his house so they both canmeet his daughter.

Then they took both girls to different house’s and also to different town or village. In all those houses they were different types of work and ladies, there where an okiya for “geishas” and also different okiyas but they were also whores house, which sadly Chiyos sister was taken, because she was not that beautiful, but in the other hand Chiyo Chang was taken to a better placebecause she was pretty and had beautiful blue-gray eyes.
Now they took Chiyo to the okiya and they are taking her to a “geisha School”
Or they are teaching her how to become a geisha, she has different teachers and different clases. And she started meeting all of the people that worked in the Okiya and watching how it worked. She also saw the “geisha” – Hatsumomo.
She was very mean whithChiyo-Chang, because she had beautiful “blue-grey eyes”. And she was scared and envious from Chiyo-Chang. Hatsumomo was the most wanted “Geisha” from that time; she was pretty and very expensive. Even though Chiyo-Chang or Sayuri now that her name was changed to be a geisha, her name came to be “Sayuri-San”, Hatsumomo was MAD at everything she did o had to do because she was so scared that Sayuri takesall her Clients and money aways from her.

One day Sayuri inside the Okiya was Watching Silently Hatsumomo and Awajiumi; both of them Geisha’s, they were in the “Registry”.Hatsumomo and Awajiumi were dressing and putting the Kimono on. Sayuri was stll learning
More things, she got most of her help from AUNTIE and another named GRANNY.
Both of those women take full car of Hatsumomo andnow the new girl “sayuri” the new one from the Regio. Antie took Sayuri to the makeup Room, and took her also for a random tour. She was pleaced to see the makeup brush’s and how they dressed and put their own make up.
They start teaching Sayuri the basic instructions or rules. But the most important
Thing is to be very nice and lovelly with all the mans. Now Sayuri learned how to make up herselfand how to put a kimono on by herself. Later on that night when Sayuri Got Home she heard some “Rats” but they where not rats… it was hatsumomo and his boyfriend making out or having sex in the maids room, and no one could say something because they where scared at Hatsumomo and they preferred to kept it in silence. Even though whatever Hatsumomo was doing was bad because she is a geisha and...
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