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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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Some people think of metaphors as nothing more than the sweet stuff of songs and poems for example love is a jewel, or a rose, or a butterfly. But in fact all of us speak and writeand think in metaphors every day with out even having a clue of what a metaphor is or how o use them. They can't be avoided them. Metaphors are built right into our everyday language.

We allthink there aren’t important and no need for them, but what if we don’t know what to say to that special person, it’s not that easy to come up with something so soon. There for we all know metaphors.We just need to stop and think of the perfect metaphor for example; your love is my thrill ride, meaning sharing experiences with you adds an element of non-control into the picture.Metaphors play a significant role in poems by making more interesting the ordinary language, encouraging interpretation, and by giving more meaning with a minimum amount of words. But they don’t only playthat important role on the poetry world but in everyone’s life, without metaphors I think everything would be very simple with out interest.

There are so many beautiful metaphors, and there areso many kinds of them they just don’t have to be boring, loving, kind and all of that there is funny metaphors al well.

Some example of metaphors; metaphors for kids, jumping for joy, rollingin dough, it rained cats and dogs. A love metaphor, love is a garden, love is a battlefield, love is the air and love is a camera full of memories. Any other metaphors; His plans were rock solid andso were his aims, inner peace is a stairway to heaven and that is why it is so difficult to find, fading memories are footprints in sand one hardly realizes when they leave no trace.
Let’s notleave metaphors behind there so beautiful and formal. Even if we don’t want to use them often that’s fine the important thing is to not stop using them. They have been around un since forever lets...
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